Although for many years Croatia has not been considered a particularly tourist destination, for some time now the Balkan country has become a place to be taken into account for Summer Vacation. Although the best-known city in Spain is Dubrovnik, the truth is that throughout the territory there are hidden wonders that will delight anyone who visits them.

Bathed by the Adriatic, the Croatian coasts have incredible destinations that go under the radar of tourists when they are choosing a place to spend a few days at the beach, but there are many hidden gems that are found in the country and that should be considered for this summer, such as the incredible city of Zadar or the small yet majestic Volosko village.

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A quiet walk along the Adriatic

Located in the west of the country, in the middle of the Kvarner Gulf, the village of Volosko It is one of the great forgotten destinations in terms of coastal tourism, but this town in the Istria region It is one of the best places to really get to know Croatian culture. Its narrow cobbled streets and its long promenade to Opatija, which is just two kilometers away and is another of the essential places to visit in the area, making it a picturesque municipality where peace reigns above all.


Along the Lungomare Promenade There are numerous stone coves ideal for taking a breather or watching the sunset, as well as 19th-century mansions that exemplify the Historical importance by Volosko. In addition, its charming port full of fishing boats also gives the town a very picturesque appearance. But it is not only a true paradise for those looking to relax away from crowded destinations, but it also has beautiful buildings for lovers of more cultural trips.

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A beautiful 19th century church

Erected in the 19th century a few meters from the port, St. Anne’s Church It is a true architectural marvel and the most important building in the entire town. In addition, it is also just a few minutes from the main square of Volosko, nerve center of the town in which all the gastronomic offer of the municipality is concentrated. In its numerous restaurants you can try the typical dishes of the region, like their meat stews or their different fish recipes.

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