Two tall crenellated towers, stone walls covered in vines and a fantasy story look. This could be described the beautiful Peralada Castlea fortress of medieval origin that is hidden in a town in Girona.

If there is something that is not lacking in Spain, it is castles and some, like Peralada, go unnoticed despite being true architectural gems. This French-designed fortification and the adjacent buildings have housed since a restaurant to a hotel, a winery and a museum.

Parador de Hondarribia (Castle of Charles V).

The Parador in a medieval castle where Velázquez and several kings of Spain stayed

The history of Peralada Castle

The Peralada castle is located on the outskirts of the town of the same name and its origin dates back to late 13th century, when it was built according to Gothic canons. The building became the residence of the viscounts of Rocabertí and the counts of Peralada. However, during the French invasion of the Empordà region in 1285, the fortress was destroyed, forcing build a new castle, which finally materialized in the mid-14th century. To this day, some remains of that original fortification can still be found.

Peralada Castle.
Peralada Castle.

The new enclosure was built much more spacious, and over the following centuries it underwent further renovations and extensions. For example, the eastern façade presents a Renaissance styleand after a restoration in the 19th century it adopted a french design, leaving the Gothic behind. Since 1923 and until today, the castle has been in the hands of the Mateu family, who decorated the interior with a splendid art collection.

A resort and a cultural festival

Currently, this fortress, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, along with other adjacent buildings, make up the Peralada Resort, made up of a 5 star hotela wine cellar, a Mediterranean and Asian fusion restaurant with a Michelin Star (SHIRO by Paco Pérez), a casino and the Castell de Peralada Museum.

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The museum is located in what was the Carmel Convent, a 14th century Gothic building with cloister and church. Here we can take a guided tour of the library and its more than 100,000 volumes (including 1,000 editions of Don Quixote), the ceramic collection, the glass museum and the wine museum. Furthermore, in the months of July and August, the castle gardens become the scene of the Castell de Peralada Festivalwhich hosts nights of concerts, recitals and operas.

Magalia Palace Castle in Navas del Marqués, Ávila

The medieval town with an enchanted castle that is just an hour from Madrid

How to get to Peralada Castle

The journey from the city of Girona to the Peralada Castle It is 45 minutes on the AP-7. From Barcelona it is 1 hour and a half on the same highway.

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