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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ recommendations to “weigh the risks” when traveling abroad saw the specter of restrictions

A version appeared in telegram channels that the next call The Ministry of Foreign Affairs “weigh the risks” when traveling abroad is a prologue to possible restrictions on travel abroad. If earlier diplomats warned from visits to unfriendly countries, now destinations that seem to be loyal to us and popular among tourists are also mentioned – Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, as well as Israel.

On the one hand, the Foreign Ministry only talks about “detentions or arrests at the request of US law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies.” There have been such precedents, but they concern those accused of cybercrimes, espionage, and money laundering. On the other hand, resort countries have not previously been mentioned in the rhetoric of diplomats. And this is alarming. Some commentators believe that the warning is also addressed to ordinary beach lovers.

“The state expects its citizens to grow in self-awareness and proactively refuse unnecessary trips outside the country. But if voluntary renunciation of foreign holidays does not happen, then it is possible that more weighty arguments and administrative tools will be used,” – writes “Master of the Pen”

The editors invited two experts working in tourism and having contacts in government to comment on this assumption. Both agreed with our thesis that in any unclear situation we need to look at Aeroflot.

This is a company with state participation, so it is obliged to adhere to the vector specified from above. But so far, looking at the summer schedule, there are no signs of restrictions.

As recently as March 20, Aeroflot sent a press release: it follows that in the summer the group’s companies will fly on 120 foreign routes. Moreover, including to the above-mentioned Thailand – flights will remain from 8 cities in Russia. For comparison: a year ago, Aeroflot left only Bangkok from Moscow. As for Turkey, there will be flights to Antalya from 14 cities, and to Istanbul from 9.

In general, it is international routes that now “feed” all civil aviation. One of our interlocutors cited figures: the growth in traffic on them last year was 28%, and on domestic traffic only 7%. So Aeroflot is extremely uninterested in curtailing the population’s contacts with foreign countries and is making its plans with the expectation of further growth in international tourist flow.

Telegram channel subscribers “Roof of the TourDom”, where the version of restrictions is also discussed, consider it unfounded. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued these notifications about the risks when traveling to countries that have an extradition agreement with the United States every year since 2014,” writes Mamed Velimamedov.

Source: Tourdom



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