Are 98 Paradores spread across Spain (one of them outside the borders, specifically in the interior of Portugal), and hotels will continue to be added to this list, since at the moment there are three projects, although the exact opening date is unknown. Parador number 99 would be Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara)and it remains to be seen if the number 100 will constitute it the Parador of Ibiza or the one of Veruela (Zaragoza)as announced by the thin advisor of the public hotel company, Raquel Sánchez, in the latest edition of Fitur.

Gijón Parador.

The curious Parador in a century-old mill with a traditional Asturian food restaurant

Parador de Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara)

Of the projects underway, the Parador de Molina de Aragón is the most advanced, although the green light was given to the project in 2011. Located in the town of the same name, it will consist of 22 rooms and, although there is no precise opening date , supposedly will be active for summer or late summer of this 2024, as announced in early February by the Government delegate in Castilla La-Mancha, Milagros Tolón, as reported by regional media.

Molina de Aragón, Guadalajara
Molina de Aragón, Guadalajara

Molina de Aragón is a town in the northwest of the province of Guadalajara, whose historic center has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest for the conservation of its old urban layout. It houses an impressive 13th century wall that surrounded the old town and is guarded by an imposing fortress.

Parador de Sigüenza, Guadalajara

The spectacular 12th century castle converted into a Parador where a ghost ‘prowls’

Ibiza Parador

The Parador de Ibiza project began in 2009, but, like the Molina de Aragón project, it has suffered many delays and stoppages. The hotel would be located in the Dalt Vila castle and it does not have an opening date, but according to Europa Press, the CEO of Paradores de España, Raquel Sánchez, announced in Fitur that the Parador of Ibiza will arrive in 2025, competing for position number 100 with the one in Veruela (Zaragoza). .

Dalt Vila, the oldest part of Ibiza.
Dalt Vila, the oldest part of Ibiza.

He Dalt Vila castle It is the monument that will house the future Parador de Turismo. Located in the historic center On the Pitiusa Island, this fortress is one of the most emblematic postcards of the city.

Plaza Mayor of Salamanca

The most beautiful route in Paradores: enjoy these impressive World Heritage cities

Parador de Veruela (Zaragoza)

The project was approved in 2005, this Parador has been waiting for its opening for more than fifteen years and there is still no exact date for it. This hotel competes with the one in Ibiza to be placed on number 100 of the public chain in 2025. The Parador would be located in the cistercian monastery of the same name, which is in the town of Vera de Moncayo, at the foot of the Moncayo peak (2,315 meters).

Veruela Monastery
Veruela Monastery

The Parador de Molina de Aragón and the one in Veruela would be the second in the provinces of Guadalajara and Zaragoza, respectively, while Paradores de Turismo would premiere in Ibiza.

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