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The news about the launch of ferries from Sakhalin to Japan turned out to be premature

Publications that appeared in the media about the launch of ferries from Sakhalin to Japan turned out to be premature: contrary to the announcements, the first flight did not take place on June 7.

As it was indicated in announcements with reference to the Japanese publication “Hokkaido Sibbun”, starting from this date, the Korsakov – Wakkanai line (Hokkaido island) will be served by the former Japanese motor ship “Aurora 2”. It was purchased by a Vietnamese company, which allows it to be used on the route, regardless of sanctions.

“Aurora 2” is a small icebreaker motor ship with a displacement of only 489 tons. In Japan, it was used for tourist excursions in the north of Hokkaido – tourists went out to sea to observe drifting ice. There are no cabins for passengers on board. Therefore, it was proposed to make the seven-hour journey in seats at a price of 48 thousand rubles. It was assumed that the ship would leave the port of Korsakov on the evening of June 7. However, this did not happen.

As TourDom.ru was told by the port administration, the ship was indeed brought in, but no requests for flights from the passenger terminal have yet been received from its owners. “You are not the first to call, but we don’t have any information,” they answered us on the phone.

It is known that the ship has performed only one test flight so far – on May 31. Attempts to call the ticket operator, Symphony LLC, and find out when the passengers are planned to be transported, were unsuccessful – the phone does not answer. The company’s website says that it is working “in test mode.” Tickets were not on sale at the time of publication, but judging by the schedule, the next flight is scheduled for June 11.

This is not the first time a ferry to Hokkaido has been announced. Residents of Sakhalin hope that flights will be launched this time. “Perhaps, like with the DPRK, the official people will go first, then the rest. We have many connections here with Japan, from time immemorial. There are exchange programs, etc.,” one of the residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk told our editorial office.

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