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The opening of the new Ethno Belek hotel in Turkey has been delayed again

The opening of the new Ethno Belek 5* hotel (Turkey, Belek resort), promised for Tuesday, June 4, did not take place.

In the Ethno Hotels tg channel, the previous post about moving the date from the originally announced May 27 to June 4 was deleted. Instead, a new message was published: “The official opening of the hotel has been postponed to June 11, 2024.” Those who have booked a holiday for arrivals before the specified date are invited to choose any dates from June 11 to November 30 without additional charges.

A representative of Ethno Belek in Russia and the CIS countries explained to the TourDom.ru portal that the opening of the hotel was delayed for the second time due to “an unforeseen technical problem related to power supply.” He assured that the main work would be completed by June 11: “All facilities on the territory – the beach, water park, restaurants, bars – will be available to guests. If any minor improvements are made, it will be done so that it does not interfere with tourists’ recreation.”

Due to the previous postponement of the opening date, tour operators had to offer alternatives to customers who had already booked tours with Ethno Belek for arrivals before June 4th. Now this will also have to be done for those who have purchased tour packages for June 5–11.

Travel agents, discussing the topic on social networks, are perplexed why, when announcing the opening date, the hotel did not foresee the risk of a delay due to unforeseen circumstances, thereby putting both themselves and their partners in an awkward position. Moreover, until the 20th of May, travel companies were instilled with confidence that all rumors about a possible postponement were unfounded. The Ethno Hotels tg channel posted posts urging “not to trust unreliable information”; it was reported that construction was going according to plan and was even “2 months ahead of schedule.”

Turkey’s resorts do not always meet deadlines for opening new hotels; delays occur almost every summer season. It is advisable for travel agents to take this circumstance into account – to tell tourists not only about the advantages of new products, but also to warn about the obvious risks associated with their booking, especially on the first dates of summer.

Source: Tourdom



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