For some years the term has often been used ‘blue Zone’ to describe a region or a place in which the The population that lives there is usually over 100 years old. Throughout the world there are five destinations that have achieved this designation, and although there are none in Spain, relatively close to the Iberian Peninsula there are two: the incredible Sardinia and a paradisiacal little-known Greek island: Ikaria.

This small island of just 8,000 inhabitants It is one of the best destinations to travel to in 2024 due to its quality-price ratio, and despite the fact that it does not have the reputation of the overcrowded Mykonos and Santorini, from which it is located a few kilometers away, this islet located very near the coast of Türkiye It is a true hidden paradise that will perplex anyone who enters its streets.

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Icaria, a white paradise with crystal clear waters

Gialiskari village in Ikaria (Greece),
Gialiskari village in Ikaria (Greece),

Although it is a very mountainous island, the majority of the population of Icaria is concentrated in small coastal towns whose white facades agree with the thoughts of most tourists when they think of this Aegean area. Walking through the streets of this dream place is a unique experience in which, for a moment, you will think that you are in a paradise full of tranquility.

According to legend, he named Icaria Daedalus, since his son Icarus fell struck down very close there after flying very close to the Sun, and despite its idyllic appearance, accentuated by the numerous beaches with turquoise waters, The truth is that it is an island full of history: the Order of Saint John and the Ottoman Empire have established enclaves on it, and it even became independent in 1912… although for only five months.

Ikaria is one of the five ‘blue zones’ in the world

Ikaria Island
Ikaria Island

There are only five places considered ‘blue zone’ in the entire world: the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, the Californian city of Beautiful hill, the japanese island of Okinawa, Sardinia and Ikaria. What is the key for the inhabitants of this impressive enclave to live so long? Well, as is obvious, the Lifestyle. The majority of residents are usually over 90 years old, and many are even centenarians thanks to a vital rhythm enviable by many.

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The Mediterranean dietas well as the climate or the numerous festivals that are celebrated in Icaria, especially in summer, means that its inhabitants have a overflowing vitality at any age and at any time. There is no stress on this stunning island in Greece that can be reached by ferry from the Piraeus port in Athens in about seven hours.

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