If something is not missing in Spain, it is Natural Parks where you can disconnect from stress and enjoy a special and unforgettable experience. If you are planning an adventure getaway with your family, one of our most impressive natural gems awaits you in the center of Cáceres: Monfragüe National Park. In this bird watching sanctuary, which attracts thousands of tourists annually, you can enjoy not only endangered fauna, but also impressive landscapes and hiking routes designed to be done with the little ones in the house.

A unique place, with very diverse animals

Red Deer Rutting Season, Cervus elaphus, Monfragüe National Park, Biosphere Reserve, Cáceres Province, Extremadura, Spain Europe
Deer in the Monfragüe National Park.

Just thinking that this protected National Park is one of the largest concentration areas for birds on the planet makes this getaway one of the most fascinating you can plan. The best thing is to undertake this adventure prepared not to miss anything, so do not forget your binoculars at home, which will be of great help to spot some of the protected birds that nest in Monfragüe, among which are the black vultures, the fawns, the black stork or the imperial eagle… Of course, there are also deer, wild boar and other wild animals.

Known as the town of bridges and towers, Potes can boast of being one of the most beautiful towns in Cantabria (and Spain).  With a rich cultural heritage and surrounded by overwhelming nature, to enjoy it to the fullest it is best to calmly walk through the narrow streets of its old town and lose yourself in the atmosphere of its rich past.

This is the enchanted village in the heart of the Picos de Europa

Enjoy nature from the viewpoints

Vulture sitting on a rock in Monfragüe National Park
Vulture sitting on a rock in Monfragüe National Park

To capture the best panoramic view, take note of one of the viewpoints from where you will have privileged views: Puente del Cardenal, Portilla del Tiétar, La Tajadilla, La Báscula (the best to observe the black vulture) or the Gypsy’s Leap. And the latter is one of the most popular due to the gigantic rock formation in front of it and because it houses more than 100 pairs of griffon vultures (sometimes even more than 300 specimens are collected).

Go up to Monfragüe castle

The Monfrague National Park is a beautiful place ideal for observing birds from central Spain.  It is located in the region of Estremadura, Spain.
The ruins of this fortress are located in the heart of the Natural Park, within the municipality of Torrejón el Rubio.

One of the routes that can be done with children drive to this castle in ruins, which offers the most beautiful panoramic view of the Natural Park (especially at sunset), the Tagus River and the Sierra de las Corchuelas. The path is moderate, although it has some somewhat steep climbs, so it is more recommended for older children or those who are used to walking through nature.

Burgos cathedral.

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What to visit near the Monfragüe Natural Park

Extremadura a region in the west of Spain at the border with Portugal is an amazing place to enjoy the Spanish countryside and the rural life in Spain with a lot of remains from the Roman Empire and an incredible nature with amazing landscapes and old towns, an awesome travel destination inside Spain
Plasencia Cathedral

The Natural Park is located near Plasencia. You can complete the getaway by discovering this beautiful medieval city that has the peculiarity that it has two cathedrals: the Old Cathedral (from the 13th century), with influences of Romanesque and Gothic art, and the New Cathedralwhich began to be built in the 16th century.

In addition to exploring its beautiful historic center, we must not overlook its architectural heritage, since this city is home to some of the best palaces in Extremaduraamong which the Monroy stands out, also known as the Palace of the Two Towers (Romanesque style), the Carvajal-Girón Palace and the Marqués de Mirabel Palace, examples of Extremaduran plateresque.

How to get to the Monfragüe Natural Park

This protected area is located about 200 kilometers from Madrid. From the capital you can take the A-5 highway towards Navalmoral de la Mata. Then you have to take exit 185 to join the EX-A1 ​​highway towards Plasencia and take exit 46 to Monfragüe National Park. Subsequently, it is taken the detour to the EX -208 towards Trujillo until you reach Villarreal de San Carlos.

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