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The Red Wings explained why the Boeing’s landing gear caught fire

The press service of the Red Wings airline commented on the incident, which was reported today by the Aviatorschina telegram channel. On the night of June 5-6, the carrier’s Boeing 777, operating the Sharm El-Sheikh – Zhukovsky flight, taxied to the parking lot, where technicians discovered a fire on the left landing gear in the area of ​​the fifth wheel brake.

“The fire was quickly extinguished with a hand-held fire extinguisher. According to the crew, the landing took place normally using reverse and automatic braking. Also, during taxiing, the brake overheating alarm did not go off,” the source states.

The Red Wings press service told a TourDom.ru correspondent that problems with the chassis arose due to overheating of the brakes. No one, including the plane, was injured. All 409 passengers disembarked safely.

“After the flight, the airline’s engineers performed a technical inspection of the aircraft and carried out all the necessary procedures in accordance with the manufacturer’s documentation. At the moment, the plane is cleared for flights,” explained a representative of the carrier.

Earlier, TourDom.ru reported that the Boeing 777, which was flying from Moscow to Guangzhou, landed in Irkutsk due to engine problems.

Source: Tourdom



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