Spain has so many charming towns that when we plan a getaway, it is not strange that we find it difficult to choose. If among so much rural offer you want to discover an almost “secret” corner outside the classic routes, Pineda de la Sierra It will surprise you. Surrounded by mountains and extensive forests of beech, pine and oak, in this town in the province of Burgos you will oxygenate yourself in such a way that you will return to your routine as new.

What to see in Pineda de la Sierra

Church of San Esteban de Pineda de la Sierra, Burgos
Church of Saint Stephen.

The first thing that will surprise you, after observing the calm that is breathed here, is the architectural harmony of this town that barely has 90 inhabitants. Pinilla de la Sierra has a perfectly preserved architectural heritage that has earned it being declared a Historical Site. Walking through the cobbled streets you will find numerous mansions and emblazoned facades that reflect the splendor that was experienced since the Middle Ages as it was an important livestock center.

And if you are an art lover, you will love to discover that this small town is part of the Romanesque route of the Sierra de la Demandawith one of the arcaded galleries most relevant in any area. It is located in the church of St. Stephen Protomartyr (from the 12th century) and has 11 arches on double columns with plant capitals.

Talayuela Canyon

Hiking trail in a stunning canyon compared to Bryce Canyon National Park

Sierra de la Demanda Greenway Natural Trail

Village of low stone houses surrounded by mountains with cloudy skies.  Pineda de la Sierra.  Burgos.  Spain
Pineda de la Sierra.

The town is an excellent starting point for excursions to the Demanda and Mencilla mountains. But also, the Greenway of Demand It crosses Pineda de la Sierra and can be done on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback. You can take the opportunity to do a section of this beautiful route that runs through forests with impressive landscapes and follows the trail of a mysterious mining railway.

Church of Santa Maria del Naranco, IX century, in Oviedo Asturias, Spain, UNESCO

The oldest and best preserved church facades in Spain

The most interesting visits near Pineda de la Sierra

The caves of the Sierra de Atapuerca, in Burgos, contain numerous fossil remains of the first human beings who settled in Europe, almost a million years ago.  Their scientific study provides invaluable information about the appearance and way of life of the remote ancestors of our species.
The caves of the Sierra de Atapuerca, in Burgos, contain numerous fossil remains of the first human beings who settled in Europe, almost a million years ago.

In addition to doing nature activities, we also recommend that you go to Atapuercaone of the most important archaeological sites in the world, and which is located just 37 kilometers from this town.

The visit to Pineda de la Sierra is also the perfect excuse to take a short route through other notable temples of the Romanesque of the Sierra de la Demandaamong which are the church of San Martín de Tours (in Vizcaínos de la Sierra), the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (in Jaramillo de la Fuente), the church of San Quirico and Santa Julita (in Tolbaños de Abajo) or the hermitage of San Cosme and San Damián (in Barbadillos de Herreros).

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