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The Russia Forum may displace another tourism exhibition

The large-scale forum-marathon “Russia”, which has been taking place at VDNKh for almost 4 months, can once again be extended: as an informed source told TurDom, not until July, but until November.

Because of this, the question arose about holding the annual travel forum “Travel!”, which Roscongress, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development, has been holding for several years at the same site. More precisely, in pavilion No. 55. Now there is an exhibition “Youth House – Russia” there. Moreover, the dates indicated on the “Travel!” website are June 12–16. That is, the exhibition “Russia” will still continue at this time.

It would be logical to assume that “Travel!” will be moved to another place, and perhaps the time of the event will change.

The organizers also confirmed the possibility of adjustments. “Currently, together with the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the organizing committee for the 2024 forum is being formed. And in connection with the extension of the Russia Forum, specific decisions will be made for the first meeting of the organizing committee, which will be held in March, on dates and venues,” the deputy director of the RTF “Travel!” explained to TourDom.ru. Lyubov Mordvintseva. According to her, the business program of the event is now being worked out, an architectural project has already been developed, which will also be discussed at the first meeting of the organizing committee. In addition, networking events are held; on February 20, in particular, the Forum for Sustainable Tourism Development opened in Kamchatka.

As TourDom.ru previously reported, the regions were forced to spend significant funds on participation in the Russia Forum and therefore limited spending on other exhibitions this year. However, according to Lyubov Mordvintseva, this should not affect “Travel!”: “The activity is very high – we have almost one hundred percent return of participants from last year, and we expect that the participants and partners of the “Travel!” forum will will be all subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign countries, for which very close work is underway together with the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

We have already written that Intourmarket, which traditionally gathers many regional participants at the Expocentre (from March 16 to 18) partially came under the influence of “Russia”. Ed.). However, our source claims that other Moscow exhibitions are also feeling the consequences of “Russia”. For example, MITT (March 19–21 at Crocus Expo IEC). After all, there are regional stands there too.

Nevertheless, MITT director Maxim Shilov claims that regional participants are not abandoning their plans. “The fact is that the regions plan the budget for participation in our exhibition much in advance – based on successful participation in all previous years. Now the exposition is almost complete, and we are expecting a larger number of participating regions than in 2023.” According to him, at the moment, 790 companies from 58 regions of Russia and from 29 countries have confirmed their arrival (last year there were 768 exhibitors from 57 regions and 20 countries at the exhibition).

The organizers of the autumn tourism exhibition “LEISURE Leisure” (it will be held from September 17 to 19) are also not afraid of competition with “Russia”. “This year we expect no fewer regions of the Russian Federation than last year, since many of last year’s participants have already been confirmed, and, in addition, new regions are actively sending requests. Yes, there are subjects of the Federation that spent the lion’s share of their funding on the “Russia” exhibition and forum, but there is hope that there will be additional allocation of funds for participation in exhibitions,” commented Anastasia Kaimanova, director of OTDYKH Leisure.

Source: Tourdom



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