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The Russian Embassy commented on the “white party” scandal in Sri Lanka

It seems that today’s statement by the Sri Lankan migration service about the ban on extending long-term visas for citizens of Russia and Ukraine (later, however, denied by the office of the country’s president) did not appear out of nowhere. Its probable cause was a scandal that had been raging for several days on social networks in Sri Lanka and to which Russian diplomats were forced to respond. They called on Russians to respect the country’s traditions and follow its laws.

The fact is that back on February 23, in the account of the Sarayka Lounge bar, located in the city of Unawatuna in the south of the country, an announcement of a party appeared, to which, judging by what was written in the “dress code” column, parties with DJs were only allowed “white”. At the same time, according to information edition of the Daily Mirror, the establishment is owned by immigrants from Russia.

Residents of Sri Lanka quickly drew attention to the announcement; information about it appeared among popular bloggers with thousands of subscribers. As a result, the owners of Sarayka Lounge were accused of racism. They had to cancel the event and publicly apologize. They explained that they had severed all relations with the organizers: “We have never supported and will not support various racist statements or organizations.”

However, the scandal turned out to be so large-scale that diplomats were forced to intervene in the situation. Special release today released the Russian Embassy in Colombo, which emphasized that Russia strongly condemns all forms of racial discrimination and nationalism: “We strive to fight any manifestations of these atrocities. In order to eradicate them in Ukraine, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are successfully conducting a special military operation. We again urge all our citizens who are in Sri Lanka on a tourist visa or residence permit to strictly follow Sri Lankan laws and respect local customs.”

Let us remind you that this morning information appeared with reference to the Commissioner General of Migration, Harsh Ilukpitiya, that Sri Lanka will no longer extend long-term tourist visas for Russians, and those who extended them were ordered to leave the country by March 7. A few hours later, the office of Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickramasinghe said that the country’s Cabinet had not made such a decision.

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