Neither the highways nor the roads reach here. high speed lines. In many cases there is not even a road and, in those cases that do, the journey is not easy or comfortable. Yes, they are towns full of charm, tranquility, peace and an interesting story behind it.

Many of these towns with few inhabitants do not reach a road and, if they do, the journey is not easy or comfortable.

Destinations that you can take as a challenge or adventure or, on the contrary, as a place to go to disconnect and forget about the outside world. Think carefully about what you are going to pack in your suitcase, fill the tank and look for a map of the area since coverage may also be scarce.

View of the town of Bulnes in the Picos de Europa.
Another view of the town of Bulnes in the Picos de Europa.

1. Bulnes (Asturias)

It is the most famous and during vacation times you will not feel alone here. Its about only town that cannot be reached by road and its location in full Peaks of Europe He hasn’t made it very easy. To reach the first houses there are two options: a path of about four kilometers (and not very safe) that takes you from Poncebos either go up the funicular, which will take you about seven comfortable minutes. Once up there, you will fall in love with its well-preserved stone houses and the impressive landscapes that surround this Asturian town.

Peaks of Europe.

One of the most dizzying and impressive routes of the Picos de Europa: a route at almost 2,000 meters high

View of the medieval town of Banduso, in the mountains of Asturias.
Medieval town of Banduso, in the mountains of Asturias.

2. Banduso (Asturias)

We continue in Asturias, although this time we change the Picos de Europa for the Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Natural Park, an environment that is equally spectacular and also very complicated when it comes to getting around. There is only one road to Banduso (which opened not long ago) that after a few curves leaves us in one of the best preserved medieval towns in the area, and the fact of being isolated for centuries also has good things. If what you are looking for is adventure, the alternative to this road is known as Bear Path, and yes, you can meet some. In Banduso less than forty people live which are spread across no more and no less than seven neighborhoods. And each of them has something interesting to see.

Purgatory Waterfall.

The surprising waterfall that can be reached with a hiking route through the Sierra Norte of Madrid

Entrance to La Cuevona, the access road to the town of Cuevas del Agua.
Entrance to La Cuevona, access road to the town of Cuevas del Agua.

3. Water Caves (Asturias)

In a straight line, these two Asturian towns are almost next to each other. But to go from Banduso to Cuevas del Agua by car it can take more than an hour. And to get there they were lucky enough to have a cave that facilitates access. It’s not a tunnel, it’s a natural cave that measures more than 300 meters and that, although it has been expanded to adapt to current needs, it continues to retain that characteristic appearance that attracts so much attention. A cave so important to the neighbors that it even has a name: the Cave.

Visit by boat along the underground river of the Coves de Sant Josep (Vall d'Uixó, Castellón).

The longest navigable underground river in Europe is in Spain: price and all the activities you can do

Tresviso, in the mountains of Cantabria.
Tresviso, in the mountains of Cantabria.

4. Tresviso (Cantabria)

In neighboring Cantabria they also have their own thing when we talk about inaccessible places and this small town of 68 inhabitants (it has lost about 400 in the last century) is a good example. To get there you have to leave Cantabria and go through Sostres (again in Asturias). From here is born a 11 kilometer road which takes about twenty minutes (to get an idea of ​​the curves). Its imposing St. Peter’s Church will welcome you and to recover from the hectic journey you have a bar and several rural houses in case you prefer to leave the return for another day and take advantage of the time to soak up the beauty of these landscapes.

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5. Padilla de Gordon (León)

This town of Leon You can boast of having one of the giant swings with the best views in the area (something that succeeds on social networks); also its spectacular viewpoints and a catalog of trails with the best postcards. Also having a bar, something surprising if we take into account that the town It only has one street and four inhabitants. What may not be cause for joy is the only road that reaches the town. Since you pick up the detour of the L-473 You must show that you are a good driver and are not afraid of large slopes nor do you get nervous if someone comes in front of you. a road where you can barely fit… But don’t worry, it’s less than two kilometers.

Patones de Arriba, Madrid

One of the most beautiful towns in Spain is in Madrid: a paradise suspended in time in the Sierra Norte

Town of Tronchon, in Teruel.
Town of Tronchon, in Teruel.

6. Tronchon (Teruel)

Getting to most of the towns in Teruel is not easy, but this one, located more than a thousand meters high, in winter it can be an impossible mission. In fact, it is not uncommon for it to be cut off every year due to snow. The orography of its territory has always kept it isolated and that is why Time seems to have stopped in its streets. If you manage to get there (better in good weather), don’t forget to try their cheese, one of the tastiest you will ever remember.

A 1.5 kilometer route through the waterfalls that surround Tobar, a town in Burgos

Discover the town of a thousand waterfalls, a beautiful historic town in Burgos

Os de Civís, in Lleida.
Os de Civís, in Lleida.

7. Os de Civís (Lérida)

It’s time to completely change the area and in Lérida there are a town whose access passes through another country Yes or yes. And to which, of course, there is no type of public transport to take you. Mandatory stop before visiting Os de Civís es Sant Julia de Loria, city ​​located in the Principality of Andorra and from which the road you need starts. Once up there it awaits you, surrounded by towering peaks, a charming village of stone houses and slate roofs where you will want to stay whether winter or summer.

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