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“The shelves are smaller than we are used to”: passenger reviews appeared about the flight on the restored Tu-214

Passengers began sharing their impressions of flying on the restored Tu-214 airliner, which made its first flight at the end of last week. Their opinions about the new aircraft differ.

“Everything went well, we took off and landed easily, there were no turbulent moments at all, but here, rather, the weather helped. In purely philistine terms: I didn’t like the loudspeaker (it’s not clear at all), and the sound warning system itself is very harsh, more like a siren. The interior is clean, new, the seats recline, and the distance between them is normal. The luggage racks are small compared to other aircraft. All passengers were treated to free sparkling and personalized Red Wings chocolate,” wrote Tatyana Kudina, a subscriber to the Telegram channel “Roof of TurDoma”.

“The salon is old. The seats have been reupholstered, they are “thick”, the pitch of the seats in the back is greater,” said another reader with the nickname Sergey.

Travel blogger, author of the telegram channel “I’m Going to Run” Ivan Gerasimenko drew attention to the fact that hand luggage “with normal dimensions” (up to 55 cm in height) fit comfortably into the luggage racks, despite the fact that they themselves are smaller than usual. But other problems were present:

“A few minutes after takeoff, our neighbors’ oxygen masks fell out. After gaining altitude, the flight mechanic came and put everything back. There were also problems when turning on the voice of the ship’s commander: he simply could not be heard. More atypical things: strange “LED” displays in the aisles, an old-school power outlet and new ashtrays in the toilet doors. What are they for?

Now the Tu-214 airliner is so far the only representative of its brand flying on commercial flights, since there have been no passenger flights on such aircraft since October 2020. The restored cabin has only one class (economy), designed for 194 passengers. The seat pitch is from 78 to 81 cm, with more space in the rear section. When compared with foreign airliners, for example, the seat pitch in a Boeing 737-800 depends on the class: 95 cm in business, 80–85 cm in economy.

The luggage compartments in the restored version of the Tu-214 are smaller than those of existing foreign airliners, since the interior was developed back in the USSR. That is why Aeroflot, which also intends to purchase these aircraft, asked the Kazan Aviation Plant to make the cabin more modern: increase the size of the luggage racks, equip each seat with USB ports and sockets. However, there will be no Internet access on board.

In addition, the cabins on Aeroflot aircraft will be divided into two classes: 12 seats in business and 163 in economy (175 in total). The distance between the seats will be 96 and 78 cm, respectively. Seat-back screens in business class will not appear until 2026. Initially it was said that there would be no footrests for passengers sitting in the next row and no stands for phones and tablets in the cabin, but the airline did not mention this later.

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