If you are looking for a special destination for a summer getaway, Mónsul beach in Almería is a safe bet. This corner of the southeast of Spain not only captivates with its impressive landscapes of volcanic origin, but was also one of the settings for the beloved 80s fantasy film ‘The endless story’. Walking through its barely 400 meters of dark sand will transport you to a world of magic and adventure.

Furthermore, Mónsul has not only seduced the seventh art, but also music. The renowned Almeria singer David Bisbal chose this dream setting to the video clip of his success “Ave Maria”where their iconic dance merged with the natural beauty of the beach.

Port of Collioure.

The charming French town near the border where the remains of Antonio Machado rest

Mónsul Beach: a landscape from another planet

This place is much more than the beach where one of the most iconic scenes from ‘The Neverending Story’ was filmed. Its unique image is marked by the traces of its volcanic past, with the imposing ‘Monsul’s comb’ dividing the beach in two and a large dune of light sand contrasting with the dark background. A landscape that seems from another planet and that has made directors like Steven Spielbergwho also chose this Almeria gem for ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’.

But Mónsul’s charms do not end there. A few steps away are other coves of great beauty such as Crescent Cove, which you can reach after a short walk from the parking lot. Going up to Vela Blanca hill you will have privileged views of the entire environment, without forgetting the nearby Barronal beach as another point of interest.

Roman road of Puerto del Pico: There are three kilometers of paving with a slope of 15% between Cuevas del Valle (848 meters) and Puerto del Pico (1,352 meters) where it coincides with the Cañada Real Leonesa Occidental.  This step was used by the Romans to lift the iron from the Avila Ironworks (Arenas de San Pedro).

The hiking route along one of the best preserved Roman roads in Spain

How to get to Mónsul Beach

From San José it is accessed via a 4 kilometer forest track, with the recommendation to drive slowly due to the dust that arises. There is also a shuttle bus from San José In high season. If you come from Almería capital, in about 50 minutes along the AL-12 you can plant your umbrella on the magical sand of Mónsul.

Either for relive the illusion of ‘The Neverending Story’, discover the settings of other great films or simply get lost in its magical volcanic landscapes, Mónsul beach is a destination that you should not miss on your next getaway. In short, it is a cinema experience in the wildest nature of the Andalusian province.

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