Generally, in Spain the train as a mere means of transportation, although the truth is that there are train trips that are truly wonderful. Look through the windows of the carriages and admire spectacular scenery It is a unique experience, and around the world there are many routes that cover stunning environments and that will perplex any passenger who gets on.

Inhospitable places in the north Europe, enter the most impressive mountain ranges in the world or explore some of the more exotic areas of the planet, are just some of the things that can be done on these impressive panoramic trains that are not only a means of transportation, but are also a tourist attraction itself.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

From Paris to Portofino: the train route that every traveler has to do at least once in their life

Flåm Train (Norway)

Flåm Train
Flåm Train

Norway It is one of the most magnificent countries in Europe, and the fact is that natural beauty of this Scandinavian nation is practically incomparable, although it is so immense that even if you travel for several days, you hardly have time to get to know it. In order to get an idea of ​​the majesty of the bucolic surroundings of this incredible place, a great option is to buy a ticket on the train that runs the 20 kilometers that separate Flåm from Myrdal, in which you will cross fjords, cliffs, rivers and even old farms.

Route through the Swiss Alps

The Bernina Express, which circulates through Swiss alpine areas
The Bernina Express

Another of the most impressive regions in Europe are the Alps, and to be able to enter this enormous mountainous area it is the Bernina Express, a train departs from Tirano to St. Moritz and that runs through the Swiss part of the mountain range. The tracks of this impressive railway, named UNESCO World Heritage Site, They cross mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers and landscapes that seem from another planet.

Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer Train
Rocky Mountaineer Train

On the other side of the Atlantic, in North America, the Rocky Mountaineer company operates four panoramic trains equipped with all the luxuries in the British Columbia, Alberta, Colorado and Utah, although for lovers of nature in all its splendor, the ideal is to take one of the two that run through the most inhospitable corners of Canada, one of the most impressive places on the entire planet.

In Spain there are many train stations that are true architectural wonders, from the rehabilitated Canfranc terminal in Huesca to the mammoth Atocha in Madrid.  But very close to the border with Portugal, just a two-hour trip along the tracks, there is another authentic work of art where the carriages stop and which is one of the obligatory visits if you go to the city of Porto.

One of the most surprising train stations in the world is just two hours from Spain

The train between Singapore and Bangkok

The convoy of the Eastern & Oriental Express train linking Bangkok with Singapore passes through an area of ​​rice paddies
Eastern & Oriental Express connects Bangkok with Singapore

For those looking for a much farther and longer adventure, one of the best options is the spectacular train Eastern & Oriental Express, a luxury scenic railway that runs through a whopping 2,000 kilometers in the Far East between Singapore and Bangkok. The route passes through rice fields, dreamlike natural landscapes and the most important cities of Southeast Asia in a trip that has no comparison in the world.

The Machu Picchu train

Machu Picchu train.
Machu Picchu train.

Although most tourists dream of going to Macchu Picchu, Not only the place itself is worthy of being considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world, since the train that takes you there is also an impressive experience. The railway runs the Incas’ Sacred Valley until reaching Aguascalientes, but the views along the way already give a glimpse of the greatness of this location.

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