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The State Duma proposed setting a limit on increasing prices for air tickets

The difference in ticket prices a month before departure and on the day of the flight can be very significant, which is a serious obstacle to the development of accessibility of air travel for Russians. Therefore, it is necessary to set a limit for airlines to increase ticket prices, stated State Duma deputy Biysultan Khamzaev.

The increase in “aviation mobility of the population” is spelled out in Vladimir Putin’s Decree on the national development goals of the Russian Federation for the period until 2030. However, the implementation of the president’s order is hampered by the excessively high tariffs of carriers.

As an example, the parliamentarian cited the situation with flights from Moscow to Makhachkala: at the optimal price, a ticket can be purchased only a month before departure. Moreover, even those positioning themselves as low-cost carriers inflate the cost of seats.

“If you buy a ticket for today or tomorrow, for example, because of an urgent matter, then it costs 60–80 thousand rubles. And in the summer the price can reach up to 150 thousand, even at low-cost airlines. There should be some kind of limit on price increases for such airlines. Why is he not there? – the deputy asked a question.

Note that the cost of tickets one way or another requires an economic justification, which is monitored by the Federal Antimonopoly Service. In addition, there is the concept of dynamic pricing, which allows airlines to adjust fares depending on demand, number of seats and some other factors. If carriers are deprived of such tools, quite significant losses are likely, which will naturally affect the end consumer, for whom tickets will become more expensive.

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