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The State Duma proposed to pay Russians compensation for overbooking

State Duma deputy Nadezhda Shkolkina proposed obliging airlines to pay compensation to Russians for overbooking. She has already sent her idea to Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Savelyev.

If an air carrier sells more tickets than seats on a plane, passengers have to agree to another flight or go to court. According to Shkolkina, the probability of victory in such a situation is 50%.

Overbooking is not officially allowed in Russia, but airlines often sell extra tickets. This is how they insure themselves against passengers not showing up for their flight. By law, in this case, the carrier’s clients can claim 25% of the minimum wage for each hour of delay, but not more than 50% of the cost of the tickets. It is also possible to demand compensation for losses incurred by tourists due to the fact that they were not allowed on the flight. To do this, you will need to attach checks to the claim for payment for rental housing or excursions that they did not attend. In addition, the airline is obliged to place the passenger on another flight or refund him the money for an unused ticket.

Subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TurDom” said that compensation for overbooking would be a fair measure. “People waste energy and time. And then the plans are disrupted,” Alex shared his opinion, proposing to oblige companies to pay a penalty of 2-3 times the amount. The carriers themselves, when “rebooking,” also do not always meet passengers halfway. “At the same time, the airline begins to freeze, either a refund in a month, or a flight for tomorrow. Without any compensation, of course, and not to mention the provision of food, hotels and rebooking on the next flight of other airlines,” wrote reader Denis.

In the European Union, compensation for overbooking was introduced back in 2004. If a passenger does not get on the flight, he receives from 250 to 600 euros. The longer the route, the higher the amount the client will receive.

In Russia, carriers are fined if they overbook. This year, S7 and Pobeda were punished – for each of the cases they will be charged 30 thousand rubles. In S7, Russians who did not get on board were paid compensation. It is not reported how much money the carrier’s clients who did not get on board received.

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