In a remote town in the northwest of Poland bordering Germany is the strange “crooked forest” of Krzywy Las, a pine forest with about 400 trees that have a deformed trunk; More than pines they look like hooks. The base of these specimens starts at a 90 degree angle forming a curve in the trunk and curiously they are all twisted in the same directionwhich adds more mystery to the landscape.

The forest belongs to the village of Gryfino, a town in the West Pomerania region whose capital is Szczecin. This city is one of the main cities in the European country, the closest to Berlin and is home to an important port with ferries that leave to Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

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Human manipulation

The extent of the “crooked forest” does not reach one hectare. Greater is its attraction and the mystery that surrounds the unique pine forest. Perhaps much of the speculation is encouraged by the proximity of the Dolna Odra power plant. The pines were planted in 1934are arranged in 16 rows and, despite being almost 100 years old, they are not very tall, none exceeds 15 meters.

To the dissatisfaction of the most fanciful minds, everything indicates that human action is the cause of the peculiar appearance of the Krzywy Las trees. The deformation is believed to be due to cutting side branches and from the trunk that were made from these trees for the construction of furniture a few years after being planted. This way, the main branch assumed the function of trunk and grew vertically behind the curve of the base.

Visitors in Krzywy Las, Poland's Twisted Forest.
Visitors in Krzywy Las, Poland’s Twisted Forest.

Whatever the reason for this forest, it is one of the most curious places in Poland. It can be visited at any time, although It is recommended on a sunny dayin this way the sun’s rays highlight the anomalous silhouettes of the pine trees.

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