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The summer train schedule to Crimea outraged tourists from St. Petersburg, Astrakhan and Belarus

The carrier Grand Service Express has published a train route network for the summer season. Changes from last year are minimal and mostly of a cosmetic nature (for example, there are more departures from Moscow’s Paveletsky station, fewer from Kazansky). Just like in 2023, 17 trains and three groups of trailer cars are assigned. Most of all, “Tavriy”, of course, will travel to the peninsula from the capital. “Already at the end of May, seven trains will depart from Moscow to Crimea daily, two trains will depart from St. Petersburg. Eight more trains (and three trailer groups) will travel from other regions,” the company clarified. Among the cities from which the Tavria will operate are Omsk, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Kislovodsk, Adler, etc.

An important difference compared to last season relates to the depth of booking. It will be the traditional 90 days, and not 45, as it was in 2023, due to the repair of the railway junction in Central Russia. This news made passengers happy, but the prices made them wary. One of the tourists gave an example: “As of May 2023, reserved seat tickets from St. Petersburg to Vladislavovka cost 6,800 rubles. (adult 4500 rub., children 2300 rub.). Now I took it for 6600 + 3300 (9900 rubles). Growth by 1.5 times!”

However, tourists are more outraged by what they consider to be an insufficient number of trains from some cities, as well as their complete absence from others. As a result, on peak dates, there is expected to be a rush of demand for tickets and, consequently, a shortage of them.

Thus, residents of Astrakhan and nearby regions and republics are extremely unhappy that there is no direct train to Crimea; they remember that the train ran 3 years ago. Tourists from Krasnodar are annoyed by the small number of Tavrias that pass through their city; they suspect that they will be left without tickets: they say that the airport is closed and they cannot leave by train. Residents of Nizhny Novgorod and Minsk were really looking forward to seeing a direct route to Crimea – the carrier had previously announced the launch of trains from these cities. But so far they have not appeared in the route network. However, the answer from Grand Service Express can be encouraging: “The schedule will be updated in the near future, additions are being made gradually.”

Most of the complaints come from residents of St. Petersburg. Here are typical comments on the carrier’s telegram channel: “Please increase the number of trains from St. Petersburg. The entire north of the country travels through the city,” “There are only two trains from the Northern capital during the holiday season. Cool! You won’t be able to buy tickets again. Then we’ll go to the Krasnodar region to relax,” “It’s pitch-dark from Moscow, but from St. Petersburg, in addition to St. Petersburg itself, the entire north-west gets there: Karelia, Pskov, Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Vologda regions. But Moscow is probably more important.”

True, to the last comment, other passengers respond that a huge number of vacationers from other regions also pass through Moscow – primarily from the central part of the country. This point of view is confirmed by the company itself: “Moscow is a large transfer hub, and trains are assigned, among other things, to residents of regions who transfer in Moscow. From St. Petersburg, the appointment of an additional train will be considered, subject to the availability of technical capabilities and rolling stock.”

That is, they were also encouraging. And St. Petersburg fans of Crimea can only believe and wait. Or catch tickets on existing trains – sales for June will start in 2 weeks.

Source: Tourdom



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