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“The terminal was closed, everyone was thrown out onto the street”: a tourist who arrived from Thailand complained about Omsk airport

A tourist who flew from Thailand to Omsk over the weekend complained about the slow operation of the local airport. On the air harbor’s social media page she also toldthat she and other passengers were literally “kicked out into the cold” from the terminal.

According to the woman, it took quite a long time to go through customs and border control and receive luggage. “300 people on board, received in 2 hours. In Moscow, with such flows of passengers, everything works much faster, all procedures take 20 minutes,” the tourist complained.

She also noted that the international terminal does not operate around the clock, but closes at 23:00. Accordingly, arriving citizens were asked to leave the building: “All passengers waiting for a taxi, with children and strollers, were thrown out into the street at -18 °C. This is fine? What kind of attitude?

A representative of the Omsk airport soon responded to the woman’s complaint. He explained that there are four passport control booths in the terminal, that is, the throughput capabilities in Omsk are much more modest than at Moscow airports, which the indignant author points out.

In addition, the terminal is intended only for meeting passengers on international flights, and not for long waiting periods. However, if necessary, tourists can go to complex B, which is open 24 hours a day.

Source: Tourdom



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