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The tour operator that brings the most tourists has been named in Abkhazia

Tour operator Biblio-Globus has been declared the sales leader in the field of package tourism in Abkhazia. On February 20, the award for popularizing recreation in the republic was presented to the head of the company, Irina Kostenko, by the Minister of Tourism of Abkhazia, Teimuraz Khishba.

This gave the tour operator a reason to disclose the indicators of sending tourists. As reported in the press release, in 2023, thanks to BG, 120 thousand tourists vacationed in Abkhazia – 20% more than a year earlier. Since in general over 2 million tourists used the company’s services in 2023, it turns out that every 16th client vacationed in Abkhazia. The main contingent of tourists choosing a holiday in Abkhazia are adults from 35 to 55 years old, they make up 40% of all the company’s clients in this country.

For 2024, the tour operator plans to increase its volumes in Abkhazia by another 30%. There are prerequisites for this: according to official statistics, Abkhazia is in first place among the most visited countries. According to FSB border services, in 2023, our compatriots made 5.75 million trips to the republic, including all purposes. This is even more than Turkey (5.62 million) and Kazakhstan (2.94 million).

Abkhazia’s high position is partly explained by the large number of day excursions from Sochi, as well as trips made by Abkhazians themselves who have Russian passports.

Nevertheless, the popularity of Abkhazia among tourists is really growing. This is facilitated by the weakening of the ruble and the rise in prices for holidays in other countries. As a result, places in popular hotels and resorts need to be booked in advance – in January we reported that some of them no longer had available rooms for June.

Source: Tourdom



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