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The tourist did not get on board Utair after re-boarding the flight

The man was unable to fly from Mineralnye Vody to Moscow on a Utair flight under circumstances that were strange to him. He was able to be on board, but never went to Vnukovo. By versions passenger, the cause of the misunderstanding was the sale of more tickets than the number of economy seats available.

With an itinerary receipt for flight YUT374, the man arrived at Minvod airport and successfully checked in. Boarding the plane began casually, but upon approaching his seat, the tourist discovered a man sitting on it. It wasn’t by mistake that he ended up there; this was the seat indicated on the boarding ticket. According to the dissatisfied tourist, in this situation he was simply asked to leave the salon, since there was no room for him. The passenger was not prepared for such a development of events and refused. According to sources, the police were invited on board, but this did not help resolve the situation.

As a result, according to the tourist, the carrier brought the entire plane back for re-landing. This took about another hour. As a result of this procedure, the man was no longer able to exit the terminal due to a system failure at the gate. Airline representatives in a video recorded during landing claim that the flight was completely grounded. At the same time, the passenger himself claims that he saw empty seats in business class. According to his version, they simply didn’t want to transplant him there.

The tourist was offered to fly on the next flight, and as compensation for the inconvenience they were promised two thousand bonuses on the card in the loyalty program.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that Pobeda airline was fined 30 thousand rubles. for overbooking.

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