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The tourist “fashion” for Dagestan has declined

Nordwind Airlines has announced a sale of air tickets to Makhachkala (Dagestan) from Moscow and a number of other cities for departure dates from May 13 to June 6. Depending on the point of departure, discounts range from 5 to 15%. Special offers of tours based on the specified transportation also appeared on the website of the tour operator Pegas.

The travel companies whose representatives the TourDom.ru correspondent spoke with are not yet inclined to see the sale as a signal of a “failure” in demand for vacations in Dagestan. Such actions are common for the period after the May holidays; tourist activity temporarily decreases in all directions.

According to the head of the tour operator Dolphin, Sergei Romashkin, this year the boom in demand for Dagestan, observed in 2022/2023, may decline somewhat: “If last year sales increased by about 20%, then this year we can count on 10 -15%. But this is still more than the average for other regions of Russia.” The specialist associates the rapid growth of interest in trips to Dagestan with tourist “fashion”: “In many ways, this is a network and media story, but “viral” fashion cannot last for decades. Therefore, it is possible that this year the growth rate will decrease somewhat.”

The tour operator Intourist, on the contrary, expects further intensification of interest in Dagestan. The company notes that there are many repeat tourists in the destination, which ensure constant demand. “This year, excursion tourism to the republic began earlier, the first groups went in early March, and not from mid-April, as in 2023. There are many bookings for excursion tours for the May holidays. And applications for summer beach holidays began to arrive in January,” said Daria Domostroeva, PR director of Intourist.

According to representatives of tour operators, hoteliers in Dagestan have raised prices for the 2024 summer season by approximately 10–15%, which approximately corresponds to the increase in hotel prices in other tourist regions.

Previously we wrote that the head of Dagestan Sergei Melikov called illegal development one of the main obstacles to the development of tourism in the republic. Chaotic unauthorized construction overloads the infrastructure and prevents the construction of new hotels.

Source: Tourdom



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