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The tourist was forced to return the extra 100 euros received at the exchange office

Phuket police came to the aid of the exchange office employees. There they cheated by 100 euros and gave the tourist more Thai baht than he was supposed to. On their page on social networks, the police reported that justice had been restored.

The incident occurred a week ago at the airport, when foreigners from their next flight lined up at the exchange office. The post does not disclose how it was possible to calculate the moment of the cashier’s error and identify the client. However, it is known that in Thailand they know how to work with video surveillance systems.

The shortage in the cash register was apparently discovered during the shift change. Further, studying the camera recordings helped restore the sequence of events. The resulting photo was compared with the immigration service database, which records biometrics and registration information for all those arriving in the country. The tourist was found at a hotel in the Rawai area.

When the policeman explained the purpose of the visit to the guest, he immediately returned the excess money received. Details about citizenship and why the foreigner did not notice almost 4 thousand extra baht (about 10 thousand rubles) are not given in the report.

Earlier, TurDom wrote that police in Phuket, using video cameras, quickly found a motorbike driver who had robbed a Russian tourist on the street.

Source: Tourdom



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