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The tourist was not allowed to enter Dubai because his gender was not indicated in the passport code

The tourist was supposed to fly with his family to Dubai from Yekaterinburg, but at Koltsovo airport he was detained at passport control. A technical error was found in the international passport: the machine-readable entry was filled out incorrectly, namely, the gender was not indicated. About the incident reports e1.ru.

The passenger had to give the document to the border guards, in return he received a certificate of seizure of his passport. The text says that a sign of unsuitability is “a violation of the algorithm for forming a machine-readable zone (the gender of the owner is not specified).” As a result, the tourist’s vacation was cancelled—he didn’t fly anywhere.


According to him, he received the document in the summer of 2023 for 5 years and could not independently verify the correctness of the code in the passport: “I think this is the fault of the Federal Migration Service.”

“In this situation, the authority that issued the foreign passport should be responsible,” lawyer Igor Kositsyn is sure. A citizen can visually check the basic personal data himself, but in the case of the typewritten part, this is, firstly, impossible, and secondly, no one has ever warned Russians about checking this cipher.

The lawyer added that he is currently preparing statements of claim to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in two similar cases at once – errors in the machine-readable part. “We have sent the claims, we are waiting for a response.” The Border Service of the FSB of the Chelyabinsk Region reported that they do not have the right to give explanations or interpretations of the current legislation, they do not have such powers.

Tourists can be advised to carefully study their international passport and make sure that the document does not contain signs of invalidity listed in Government Decree No. 2090 of 12/09/23. “You can also check the machine-readable record: information about the procedure for filling it out is on the Internet,” says Igor Kositsyn. In doubtful cases, a tourist can contact the border service of the airport from which the flight is planned, or the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for advice. If necessary, the passport will have to be replaced.

After the updated law came into force on December 11, with a list of signs that a foreign passport is unsuitable, cases of documents being confiscated at the border have become more frequent. In particular, the tourist’s passport was taken away because of one mistake in the spelling of his name: GeorgiY was written as GeorgiI. Another case: a Russian lost his passport when entering the Kaliningrad region from Poland, the reason was that one letter was missing in the “place of birth” column, the name of the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was written without the “H”.

The FSB border department asked travel companies to warn their clients about the need to carefully study their own passports when purchasing tours.

Source: Tourdom



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