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The tourist was outraged by the travel agent’s indifference to the flight delay

A subscriber to the TG channel “Roof of TourDom”, who found himself hostage to the continuous delays of flights on AlMasria airline routes to Egypt, was outraged by the inability to obtain objective information about the reasons for the disruptions in the schedule, as well as the indifference to the problem on the part of the tour seller.

“Our flight was supposed to depart from Sheremetyevo to Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday, June 2, at 06:50. The flight was repeatedly delayed, resulting in a delay of more than 9 hours,” writes Igor. According to him, passengers remained completely in the dark about how long they would have to wait for the plane to depart for the Egyptian resort: “The data on the board was not always updated. Our travel agent couldn’t explain anything either. Moreover, he showed complete indifference. The manager of the travel company only stated that her responsibility was to sell us a tour and prepare documents, and obtaining information about the flight was our problem. Then I forwarded it to the tour operator’s hotline, but I couldn’t find out anything there either.” Only through the airport staff did the tourist accidentally find out that the plane on which they would travel to Sharm had taken off from Egypt after the problem had been fixed and would only arrive in a few hours. A passenger living near the airport finally has the opportunity to go home to wait for the flight in comfortable conditions.

The indifference of the travel agent and tour operator, if it occurred, is, of course, hardly to be welcomed. Lawyer of the Alliance of Travel Agencies Maria Chapikovskaya reminds that since the transportation was purchased as part of a tourism product, claims can be sent not only to the airline, but also to the tour operator. If, due to a flight delay, any services provided for by the tour were not received by the tourist in full, he has the right to demand a proportionate reduction in cost.

AlMasria’s continuous delays began the day before yesterday, June 2. Due to a technical malfunction, the plane took off from Sharm el-Sheikh to Moscow 9 hours late; tourists had to spend the night at the airport. Today there are disruptions in the flight schedule to Egyptian resorts from the Russian capital, as well as from Perm. The Egyptian low-cost airline has only six aircraft in its fleet. Perhaps their maintenance is complicated by the fact that the aircraft are of different types – in addition to four Airbuses A320 and A321, there are two Boeing B737s. In a discussion of the topic of AlMasria delays in the tg channel “Roof of TourDom”, some subscribers express dissatisfaction with the fact that tour operators are cooperating with the airline – there are even calls to “revoke slots” from the carrier so as “not to torment tourists.” However, not everyone agrees with such a radical opinion. One of the commentators rightly notes that for residents of Kaliningrad, for example, AlMasria flights are the only opportunity to go on vacation to Egypt; from other exit destinations in the city, direct flights are only with Belarus. As for schedule disruptions, sometimes they happen with other carriers as well.

Source: Tourdom



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