Throughout the length and breadth Castilla la Mancha You can find several of the most fascinating towns in Spain. Some of them are located in privileged natural environments and others house impressive buildings, while certain villas They are so historical that have been capital in the future of the autonomous community. Guadamur, in the province of Toledo, It is one of those cases.

Located in the region of Montes de Toledo, Just one hour from Madrid by road, the town of Guadamur is one of the most special in all of Toledo, and in it you can find some of the greatest vestiges of the Passage of the Visigoths through the Iberian Peninsula. But not only that, but it also has one of the best preserved castles of Castilla-La Mancha.

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The Visigoth vestiges and the Guadamur castle

Guarrazar Archaeological Site
Guarrazar Archaeological Site

In the middle of the 19th century, and thanks to a strong storm, they were discovered in the Guarrazar orchards important remains from the Visigothic era. In them an incredible goldsmith treasure of the civilization that inhabited the Iberian Peninsula, especially crowns and crosses that belonged to kings. Along with the relics, the foundations of two imposing buildings (believed to be a monastery and a basilica) that today can be visit for 7 euros.

The importance of this archaeological site in the town is such that for fifteen years the well-known events are celebrated in Guadamur Visigothic Days, in which during a weekend all kinds of activities are carried out to commemorate the presence of this civilization in the area, including the coronation of a ‘king’.

Guadamur medieval castle
Guadamur medieval castle

The other great building that you cannot miss is its enormous castle, erected in the 15th century at the top of the Cerro de la Ermita and which is one of the most incredible in Castilla-La Mancha. Built on a Muslim fortress, it has two walled enclosures and a moat, while the Italian influence can be noticed in each and every one of its corners. Furthermore, inside you can find a large armor collection, tapestries and other works of art.

The oldest temple in the world

The oldest temple in the world: 12,000 years of history and many unsolved mysteries

If you visit Guadamur, you cannot miss delving into its beautiful Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, as well as the hermitages of San Antón and Our Lady of the Nativity, one of the greatest examples of Mudejar architecture in the entire area. In the latter you can see representations of the relics found in the Guarrazar Site, since the real ones are distributed in several museums in Madrid, and even three crowns are in the Cluny Museum in Paris.

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