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The travel agent left 20 tourists without rest and went to her husband in Tunisia

In Vladimir, after numerous complaints from failed tourists and a prosecutor’s investigation, a criminal case was finally opened against travel agent Kristina Sukhova. According to investigators, the woman could have embezzled money for tours of 20 clients and went to her husband in Tunisia.

How told the victims themselves, the problems began in 2022. For example, the Frolov family purchased a tour to the Dominican Republic through a manager. Due to restrictions on air traffic introduced after the start of the SVO, the trip was cancelled. Then the travel agent suggested that clients rebook to Turkey. The Frolovs not only agreed, but also paid extra to go on vacation with their children. But the woman did not provide any documents to the tourists; right up to the day of the planned departure, she only promised to send tickets, and then disappeared completely. Soon, however, she showed up and sent the Frolovs voice messages in which she assured that she would return the entire amount for the tour. The couple did not wait and contacted the police.

However, law enforcement agencies refused to initiate a criminal case due to the lack of corpus delicti. As it turned out, the agent had already left for Tunisia to join her foreign husband. Accordingly, the police cannot question her, so no Christina, no case.

Gradually, the list of deceived clients began to grow. Tourists even created a community on social networks where they shared their stories. Most of them are similar: no documents before the start of the vacation, then an apology that the tour will not take place (the tour operator, airline, etc. failed), and promises to return everything. As a result, 20 people were injured. To punish their travel agent, they united and began to complain about the inaction of the police to the prosecutor’s office. After this, the supervisory authority nevertheless paid attention to them.

“All decisions to refuse were promptly canceled by the Vladimir prosecutor’s office. Today, in fact, based on the results of the pre-investigation check, a decision was made to initiate a criminal case,” said Sergei Lavrentyev, deputy city prosecutor.

It is worth noting that such situations are rather an exception to the rule. As statistics show Rospotrebnadzorin general, the number of complaints about services in the tourism sector has decreased over the past year, and the number of administrative proceedings not much.

In turn, travelers should remember that when purchasing a tour, the manager is obliged to issue a document confirming the fact of payment, a correctly drawn up contract and, at the client’s request, a booking number from the tour operator.

Source: Tourdom



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