The department of Nariño, southern Colombia and very close to Ecuador, houses a fascinating and hypnotic place. Ten kilometers from the indigenous city of Túquerres is located the Green Lagoon of Nariño, about 4,000 meters above sea level. It is a body of water that occupies the crater of the Azufral volcano resulting in one of the most fascinating landscapes in the Latin American country.

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Why is the Nariño Lagoon green?

According to the website of the Tourism Directorate of the Government of Nariño, the lagoon has an area of ​​1,100 meters long and 600 meters wide. The characteristic that makes this lake stand out is its green color intense. This tone It is due to iron and sulfur that makes up its waters.

People on the shore of La Laguna Verde in Colombia.
People on the shore of the Laguna Verde in Colombia.

The site is a area protected by government and indigenous institutions. According to the Colombian media Caracol Radio, legend has it that the origin of this natural monument comes from the laments of a young man who had lost his wife and son. His tears caught the attention of the gods, and they took pity on him and turned him into a volcano, vanishing his pain into sulfur and gas.

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Where silence reigns

To visit the Laguna Verde it is advisable to be prepared with mountain clothing and clothing for the cold. It should be taken into account that breathing can be affected by altitude. One of the recommendations that is reiterated to the visitor is keep silence to contemplate the landscape as best as possible and because, according to the Nariño tourism portal as a magical legend, “if someone shouts or makes loud sounds, the fog covers them until the sighting is completely obscured.”

Fog in La Laguna Verde in Colombia.
Fog in the Laguna Verde of Colombia.

To the misfortune of tourists and travelers, the Access to the Green Lagoon remains closed to visitors until further notice for environmental care.

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