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There are still places available in popular boarding houses in Abkhazia, but tourists should hurry up

Despite the increase in prices, demand for holidays in Abkhazia is growing rapidly this year. The editors of TourDom.ru looked at the websites of popular hotels and boarding houses and became convinced that in some of them finding a one-week window to stay in June is already problematic. Moreover, large and expensive rooms receive increased attention.

For example, in the “Grand Hotel Abkhazia” 3*, judging by the information on the hotel’s website, it will no longer be possible to stay for a week in the first summer month – there are free rooms (“economy double” and “standard twin”) only for certain dates. You can book a vacation only in early July – for 7 nights you will have to pay 80,500 rubles. for two for a “standard twin”. More expensive options, such as “luxury studio”, “Malibu Park Mountain View”, “Malibu Park Sea View” and others are sold out for the whole summer.

At the 3* boarding house “Litfond” the beginning of the first summer month is already fully booked. Available rooms for a week can only be booked in the second half of June. A double junior suite will cost RUB 98,000. for two. It is more difficult with accommodation in another popular boarding house – “Boxwood Grove” 4* in Pitsunda. It is difficult to find free places here for a week until mid-October. Moreover, in the summer you will be able to stay only in the most budget room – accommodation in a double one-room “comfort” will cost 99,400 rubles in the first week of June. for two, including meals (a year ago the same room, for comparison, cost 64 thousand rubles). A more comfortable option can be found only at the end of August – you can live a week in a luxury studio for 237,300 rubles.

However, it is too early for fans of Abkhazian holidays to be upset – tour operators still have space in popular accommodation facilities, although in some places they are really trying to run out of space as soon as possible. The tour operator “Dolphin” has a lot of offers for the summer, but, according to the head of the company, Sergei Romashkin, there is already a shortage in the “Boxwood Grove”, “Literary Fund” and the defense industry complex “Pitsunda” – there are no rooms for some trips. The tour operator “Alean” noted that there is still a large choice: “At the moment, there is no shortage of places for the summer in popular hotels – all-inclusive properties and properties offering full board.” Alean’s top sales include the same “Boxwood Grove”, “Literary Fund”, as well as “Nart”, “Europe”, “Golden Sands”, “Grand Hotel Russia” and some others. Biblio-Globus also has plenty of accommodation options. The best tour operator sells rooms in the Grand Hotel Abkhazia, the Chelyuskintsev holiday home and the association of boarding houses Pitsunda Resort.

Market participants with whom a TourDom.ru correspondent spoke confirm that the demand for holidays in Abkhazia is higher than last year, and in the first months it was literally explosive. “In January and February, we sold approximately 40% more tours than in the same period last year. But we must understand that such dynamics will not last the whole year. Now in March we are already seeing some slowdown, in April we will probably sell even slower,” commented Sergei Romashkin. In his opinion, for the year as a whole we should expect a 10–15% increase. And the current high figures are due to the fact that last year tourists were faced with a shortage of places in Abkhazia and this time they decided to book early. “In 2023, those who came in July were practically unable to buy rooms in popular hotels for July-August,” noted Sergei Romashkin.

Other tour operators have a similar situation. “Today, demand for Abkhazia exceeds the 2023 level by 48%. Active bookings are now for May-June-July. The depth of bookings is October 2024,” the Biblio-Globus company reported. By the last week of March, the tour operator “Alean” had increased the number of bookings of summer tours to Abkhazia by 35% compared to 2023. They also noted a peculiarity of this year: tourists began to worry about summer holidays earlier: “Tours in this direction began to be actively booked since December last year. Demand is affected by interest from returning tourists, the expansion of the republic’s hotel base, and the improvement of the concepts of a number of facilities.”

In a word, tourists should hurry up. The shortage of rooms is gradually developing; by June, most likely, the rooms will be sold out.

At the end of January, we wrote that a holiday in Abkhazia was equal in price to tours to Greece five years ago.

Source: Tourdom



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