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They don’t serve food during lunch: how does all-inclusive work in new Anapa hotels

The mayor of Anapa Vasily Shvets said the day before that the number of hotels operating on the “all inclusive” and “ultra all inclusive” systems is growing in the city – there will be 62 of them. At the same time, last year and this year they opened or will open closer to the season as at least four hotels in Anapa and Vityazevo that offer services in these formats. We decided to look into their concepts – to find out what is included and to what extent the range of services complies with GOST, adopted last year.

There are no serious discrepancies with the recommendation document: both in the three-star hotels “Amphora” and “Relax” (the third building was launched here last year), and in the five-star “City of Mira” and Blije (will open in Vityazevo at the end of May) the services meet the approved standards.

So, everywhere there are their own beaches (somewhere closer, somewhere further from the hotel, but where further away, a free transfer is offered), swimming pools, including heated ones, daily animation, children’s rooms are open, bars and food trucks operate on the beaches , in restaurants – three meals a day on a buffet basis with a children’s menu, and in some places with a diet menu. True, Amphora warns that if the hotel’s occupancy is low, the buffet can automatically turn into a full meal.

There are no problems with alcohol – they offer beer (the widest selection at Amphora – four types), wine (mostly produced in Kuban – as required by GOST, which focuses on domestic products), and, of course, strong drinks. In three-star hotels they pour vodka, in “five” hotels you can also wet your throat with cognac or whiskey. However, in Amphora and Relax, alcohol is ordered in bars (as part of the so-called intermediate meals), although according to GOST, strong drinks must also be served for lunch and dinner.

In Blije and the “City of Mira”, as befits five-star hotels with all inclusive and ultra all inclusive, guests can pump up their muscles in the gym for free and undergo spa treatments – hammam, various types of saunas. They promise to greet you with champagne (a compliment upon arrival is also included in GOST recommendations for five-star hotels) – a small thing, but nice.

But with sports it’s more difficult: not all the hotels reviewed allow you to play volleyball, basketball, or mini-football. There’s no need to even talk about mini-golf, although for some reason this sport was given special attention in the document. Also, “all inclusive” without water parks is not quite what is required. But we didn’t find any water slides in the new Anapa hotels.

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