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They escaped through the roof: a three-star hotel on the banks of the Volga burned down in Togliatti at night

The three-star Zhara Beach Resort hotel, located on the Volga embankment, was extinguished all night in Tolyatti. The first signal about a fire in the restaurant came to the control panel on Saturday at approximately 23:00. A couple of hours later it became known that the fire area had spread to 800 square meters. m. Photos of a hotel engulfed in flames and filled with smoke appeared on social networks. Hotel guests and restaurant visitors were promptly evacuated. According to eyewitnesses cited by the Samara State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, they escaped through the roof: “The people in the hotel were already sleeping. One young man woke everyone up and got them up. There was very heavy smoke. He brought everyone out through the roof.”

As the operational services clarified, in total more than 100 firefighters and 29 pieces of equipment were involved in extinguishing the fire, and the fire was assigned an increased level of complexity.

Unfortunately, there were no casualties. “As a result of the fire, two people were taken to a medical facility, the victims are receiving all the necessary assistance. A pre-investigation check was organized, the head and investigators of the department went to the scene of the incident,” commented the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Samara Region. It later turned out that one of the victims refused hospitalization.

The fire was finally extinguished only this morning. Due to the emergency, adjustments had to be made to the Zhiguli Mile 2024 festival, which is currently taking place in Tolyatti. According to the organizers, the cultural and entertainment part will not be held. At the same time, the passage of spectators to the lower tier of the embankment is completely closed on Sunday – so that passers-by do not interfere with the work of emergency services.

At the end of October, a serious fire occurred in one of the hotels in Naberezhnye Chelny. Kamarooms Business Hotel & Spa involved 81 people and 25 pieces of equipment. 72 guests were evacuated from the burning building. As it turned out, the roof and insulation on the ventilated façade of the hotel on the third and fourth floors caught fire.

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