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They want to legally give tourists with children adjacent seats on the plane.

In the corridors, authorities again started talking about the need to legislate the obligation of airlines not to seat children with their parents. Amendments on this topic to the Air Code of the Russian Federation are being prepared by a group of State Duma deputies. So far, judging by comments the authors of the initiative, this is more an idea than a finished document. Parliamentarians are at the very beginning of the journey and are just working on the wording.

At the moment, for example, legislators have not yet decided on the age ceiling that will be spelled out in the bill. Options for 12 and 14 years are being considered. Until the age of 18, it is proposed not to separate disabled children from their parents.

This idea is not new. Just 2 years ago, the Federation Council was concerned with a similar problem. Then, however, we were talking about a draft order of the Ministry of Transport. It was developed by one of the senators of the Federation Council, but the matter ultimately did not move forward.

Currently, the regulatory documents only contain a recommendation to place children under 12 years of age next to an accompanying adult. It is specified in the Federal Aviation Regulations. In most cases it works. True, at the moment, some airlines, for example, also consider boarding through the aisle to be adjacent.

If the requirement is enshrined in law, its implementation in certain cases will be extremely problematic. For example, if passengers with children arrive late for check-in, then by that time there may no longer be empty seats nearby in the aircraft cabin. In addition, there are some places where it is impossible to seat a child, for example, near an emergency exit.

“And without this law, doesn’t the rule work? I’ve been flying like this for 10 years now and my children have never been separated. Unfortunately,” subscribers of the telegram channel discuss the deputies’ proposal with humor “Roof of the TourDom”. “Why do such elementary and obvious things need to be prescribed through the State Duma,” family tourists are perplexed.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that the Federation Council proposed banning airlines from seating members of the same family in different rows on a plane. And at the end of last year, attention was drawn to the attachment of infants flying without additional space. After a high-profile incident, parents allowed decide on your own where to place your child.

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