He Basque Country It is one of the regions of Spain that arouses the most fascination among tourists from other parts of the planet. Cities like Saint Sebastian They leave anyone who visits them amazed, although in the autonomous community there are also towns that are of a extraordinary beauty and that are admired by everyone; in fact, The Telegraph has highlighted a town of the province of Vizcaya for its spectacularity.

Just over an hour’s drive from San Sebasti├ín is the magnificent municipality of Lekeitio, cataloged by the British newspaper as the most beautiful in the entire Basque Country. Although there are beautiful towns in the region that are worth visiting, to The Telegraph none can compare to this historic town on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea which is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Arg├│maniz Parador.

The Parador in a Renaissance palace where Napoleon stayed

One of the most historic towns in Vizcaya

It was the first lighthouse in the Basque Country that could be visited and is a few kilometers from the Biscayan town of Lekeitio, on the cape that gives its name to the lighthouse.  The Santa Catalina lighthouse is today an interpretation center for navigation techniques that offers the opportunity to experience the sensation of sailors who, lost at sea, see the light of the lighthouse that returns them home.  When leaving, the path that runs along the cliffs of the cape is highly recommended.
Santa Catalina Lighthouse in Lekeitio.

Located in full Bay of Biscay, The presence of humans in this town of barely 7,000 inhabitants dates back to Prehistory, and although there are also vestiges of Roman presence, the town was officially founded in the XIV century, from which it grew progressively and buildings such as the Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady, one of the greatest examples of neo-Gothic that can be found.

Any tourist cannot miss visiting the beautiful Urribarren Palace, built two centuries ago and which is currently a hotel (where you can stay for about 160 euros) or the Uriarte Palace, a 17th century mansion that was built around a tower. But if something that also stands out in Lekeitio, in addition to its architectural heritage, is the spectacular surroundings in which it is located.

Its incredible beach with views of a beautiful island

view of basque town Lekeitio and Karraspio beach at dawn
Isuntza beach, in Lekeitio.

Next to the port of Lekeitio is one of the town’s greatest attractions: the extraordinary Isuntza beach, from which you have impressive views of the Saint Nicholas Island, which can only be accessed when the Cantabrian tide is low. The islet provides the surroundings with a beautiful panoramic view that will enchant any bather who sets foot on the sand.

Eye of Aitzulo

The hiking route to an impressive cave with a natural viewpoint in the Basque Country

How to get to Elekeitio

To get to this incredible town from San Sebastian You have to travel approximately 37 km. of the AP-8 from the ‘Bella Easo’; Later you have to take the exit of the national highway N-634 and a few kilometers later take various secondary roads. It usually takes around an hour and a quarter.

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