Marrakesh It is one of the most touristic places in North Africa. The city of Morocco is just two hours flight from Madrid, so it is not surprising that many travelers choose to visit this fantastic city, although the truth is that anyone who takes a flight from Spain must take into account several issues before embarking towards this spectacular destination.

Although the city of Marrakech is close to Europe, Morocco is a country with quite a few differences compared to Spain, so there are certain things that Moroccans and their authorities do differently. One of them has been highlighted by a user on TikTok, and it has to do with a very important topic. in the airport.


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What you should know before going to Marrakech airport

As the user @carlaverahuerta tells it, at the Marrakech airport They do not accept digital boarding passes, so you should forget to carry them on your cell phone and you will have to print them, as he explained through a video on TikTok that already has more than 270,000 views and 141 comments from other users.

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Of course, the user emphasizes that “that only happens if you travel with a low-cost airline”, citing Ryanair as an example, but it is something that must be taken into account. Regarding where boarding passes can be printed, he explains that “in the medinas there are a lot of places”, and if not, “the hotel will surely do you a favor.” Therefore, although they do not always force you to have them printed, it is better carry them in both formats and not only on the mobile phone.

What to keep in mind and when to travel to Marrakech

Public transport and food are especially cheap in Marrakech, the eighth cheapest destination in 2024. In its analysis, WeThrift scores it a 49.7.

In addition to carrying printed boarding passes, you must take many other factors into account when traveling to Marrakech, such as dangers you may encounter in the city. For example, it is crucial not to talk to locals about national politics, as well as avoiding troubled areas far from the center such as the neighborhoods of Sidi Moumen and Hay Mohammadi. Furthermore, it is also recommended dress modestly according to local customs, respect their rules and always carry secure the bag or the backpack you travel with.


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Regarding what is the best time travel to Marrakech, The ideal is to travel between months of March and May, since in spring the temperatures are not as cold as in the harsh winter, nor will you suffer from the suffocating heat that can occur in summer. In autumn too You will be able to enjoy the city in all its splendor for the same reasons.

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