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Three Russians were arrested in Phuket for “wrong” restaurant business

Phuket police reported on an operation to identify foreigners violating Thai laws. Yesterday, three Russians were detained and accused of illegally conducting business. All of them are related to the popular tourist restaurant Octopus in the Bang Tao area.

Details of the special operation were described on the Phuket Provincial Police page on social networks. It all started at 7 am with a briefing for six task forces, which were tasked with searching five objects. Warrants were issued for the arrest of four accused: Vladislav Zinakov, Valery Volkodav, Pavel Shapovalov, as well as a Thai citizen.

According to documents in the Thai company that owns the restaurant, a local resident has 51% of the shares. The rest are divided equally between Zinakov and Volkodav. However, investigators have established that it is the former who is the real owner of Octopus, contrary to the law. The proceeds – 80 million baht (over 200 million rubles) were transferred to his personal account. Shapovalov appears in this story as the actual manager, although according to the documents he was not hired.

There is no mention of the punishment facing Russians. Judging by the scale of the police operation, it can be assumed that there will be fines, deportation and, possibly, imprisonment.

Interestingly, the police recently checked this establishment. The reason for the raid was a tip on hookah smoking there. Late in the evening of February 16, operatives raided the second floor, where they seized several smoking devices and tobacco for them, prohibited in the country. The manager at that time was also detained.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that the tourist police arrested Russians in Phuket who worked as guides without permission. The Thai authorities have launched a large-scale campaign to identify and deport those foreigners who are employed illegally or do business outside the rules: among them are Russian citizens.

Source: Tourdom



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