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Tickets for high-speed trains to Sochi for the May holidays are quickly running out

Weekends this year fall on the dates from April 28 to May 1, as well as from May 4 to 5. Thus, if tourists grab two working days – May 2 and 3, they will be able to go to Sochi for a week from April 28. The editors of TourDom.ru checked which tickets for high-speed trains from Moscow to Adler are still available on these dates.

The most convenient for travelers is the branded 2-story train 104B: it departs from the Kazansky station at 10:40 and arrives in Adler at 09:40 (travel time 23 hours). This means that tourists have the whole day ahead of them. On the most popular date – April 28 – there were 58 compartment seats left in this composition, and all of them were top.


The other branded train – 102M – has more tickets for this date, and there are also free lower shelves – there are 38 of them. The train travels along the route for 23 hours, too, but the arrival time in Sochi is less convenient – 13:17. The cost of the lower seats in a compartment starts from 11 thousand rubles, the upper ones – from 9 thousand.

These trains do not have reserved seat carriages, and tourists who prefer a more economical travel option usually choose another train – 038*G. It is also branded and fast (travel time 1 day 7 hours), moreover, it has a convenient arrival in Adler – at 08:48. However, as of April 28, the lower reserved seats on this train had already been sold out, and there weren’t many upper seats left either – only 15.


There are no available lower seats in the reserved seat of train 306M: there are only 4 options, and all of them are upper side.


If we consider Saturday, April 27, for leaving Moscow, the picture of comfortable places will be even more complex. On the 104th train you can only reserve the top seat in the compartment. And on the 102nd there are literally only a few free lower shelves left – as of 20:00 on February 28, only 8. Almost all of them are located near the toilets.

The situation with reserved seats on this day is a little better: in the 306th train, 27 lower seats are available for order, as well as 18 lower side ones.

It’s easier to leave Sochi for Moscow at the end of your vacation, but everything will depend on the date. Perhaps the most popular among tourists are May 5 and 12; on these days there are difficulties with tickets from Adler.

In particular, on the 12th, on the most popular branded train, the 104th, there were only 6 lower seats left in the compartment. It is even more difficult for reserved seat lovers: in the fast 306 train there is practically nothing to choose from – only 6 upper side shelves are available.

Source: Tourdom



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