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Tickets for Sapsan at a convenient time during the May holidays are more expensive than flights

Between Moscow and St. Petersburg in the summer schedule stated record number of flights. The flight between the two capitals takes an hour and a half, the journey by train takes about 4: comparable, considering the time usually allocated for pre-flight formalities. Will the planes compete with the Sapsan? The editors of TourDom.ru compared the cost of travel on different types of transport for the May holidays.

The first weekend falls on the dates April 28 – May 1. If you add two working days to them, you can rest for a week, until May 5th. The minimum cost of tickets for Sapsan during this period is 6.5 thousand rubles. This amount will be obtained if you take a flight at 20:50 there, and at 06:40 or 05:30 back. It was not possible to find similar prices for air travel on this route.


If tourists want to travel during a comfortable daytime, seats on the train will cost a little more. For example, for 7.8 thousand rubles. You can book tickets leaving Leningradsky Station at 15:40, and from St. Petersburg at 21:00.

The price of airplane seats during the daytime is literally thousands more expensive. In particular, an Aeroflot flight to St. Petersburg and back is offered for 8.9 thousand rubles. From Domodedovo (the national carrier operates flight SU 6158 from this airport) Airbus A319 will depart at 11:35, passengers will be transported from Pulkovo at 09:10.

Tourists should keep in mind that they will have to pay an additional 4.6 thousand rubles to the airline for carrying luggage, whereas on Sapsan it is included in the ticket price.


If it is desirable to arrive in St. Petersburg in the morning and return to the capital late in the evening in order to make the most of the first and last days of rest, travel is expected to cost more. The most economical option in this case, if tourists have few things, is to fly with Azimut airline. The carrier offers round trip tickets for 9.9 thousand rubles. True, you will have to pay almost the same amount for a suitcase – 7.9 thousand rubles.


Tickets for Aeroflot flights with convenient departure times: at 11:35 from Moscow and at 22:10 from the Northern capital – can be booked for 13 thousand rubles. The additional payment for transporting a suitcase will be 5 thousand. A similar option is offered by S7 Airlines for 13.9 thousand rubles, luggage will cost another 4 thousand.

Let us note that seats on the Sapsan with departure at the most comfortable time – at 9 am from Moscow and late return – cost significantly more than seats on the plane. In particular, for 17.9 thousand rubles. You can purchase tickets for trains departing at 09:30 or 09:40 from the capital and at 15 or 17 hours back from the Moskovsky station in St. Petersburg.


Previously, Tourdom.ru wrote about the launch of shuttle flights between Moscow and St. Petersburg from June 2024. The planes will fly every 20-30 minutes, and tickets can be purchased with an open date. Shuttles can be launched from Sheremetyevo or Vnukovo.

Source: Tourdom



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