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Toilets for tourists are being installed in Kazakhstan and Russia

The Minister of Tourism of Kazakhstan instructed to deal with the “toilet” problem. Ermek Marzhykpayev said that they plan to build 200 bathrooms within a year. The country has a map that shows places with a shortage of public latrines in Almaty, Mangistau regions and other regions.

In Russia there are also not enough public toilets. Unlike Kazakhstan, the problem has not yet been discussed at the federal level. City authorities and local business owners are installing restrooms on their own, but their work is not successful in all regions.

Moscow can be called the most prosperous city in this regard. In addition to cafes and shopping centers, tourists can find free toilets near the main attractions – in the Alexander Garden, next to the Lenin Library, etc. In addition, booths with free entry are installed in city parks. It is also possible to relieve yourself in the metro – paid toilet modules have been installed in the passages of the busiest stations and next to them, which can be used for 60 rubles.

St. Petersburg decided to make most public restrooms free of charge in the city. To do this, before the tourist season, the local “Vodokanal” provided subsidies. On holidays or before major events, additional booths with free entry are installed at the venues.

In Sochi, during preparations for the summer, they decided install new modules in squares and parks. In addition, there are free toilets on city beaches. Just like in other cities, travelers can use restrooms in cafes and shopping centers.

The “toilet” issue is especially acute in Dagestan – even in 2021 mass media their shortage was actively discussed. Hygiene rooms were in poor condition, located far from tourist areas or absent altogether. In 2023 local authorities Deal with guides to report problematic latrines, and municipalities to send people to clean up. In addition, the region allocated money for the improvement of tourist locations, in particular for the installation of toilets.

Much worse than in tourist cities, the problem with amenities is felt on the highways. At gas stations, at best, there are two or three booths or a wooden house with holes in the floor. This is inconvenient for both motorists and tourists who travel by bus. The issue can be resolved by 2030 – as part of the development of highways, rest points with modern restrooms are going to be installed along the highways.

The “toilet” problem is acute not only in Russia, but also in Europe. For example, in the national parks of Norway, tourists are given free packages. And in Thailand they launched toilets on wheels. In Pattaya they are parked on beaches and other recreation areas.

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