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Tour operator Pegas clarified the conditions for canceling tours to Egypt

Travel agents are discussing the consequences of adjusting Southwind airline routes to Egypt after the EU banned the Turkish carrier from flying over Europe due to alleged ties with the Russian Federation.

The problem is that the airline’s planes now have to fly from Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada, as well as from St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg to Sharm el-Sheikh with a technical landing in Antalya (Turkey).

As travel agents write, not all of their tourists are satisfied with this change in route. Some people want to cancel the purchased tour. “We filed for annulment. Tour operator Pegas is ready to return the money, but minus the actual expenses incurred (FPR). Since there were more than 15 days before the flight from Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh, which was scheduled to take place on April 17, the FPR was calculated at 50 USD,” one of the retailers told the TourDom.ru portal.

As Anna Podgornaya, CEO of the tour operator Pegas, explained to us, her company operates strictly in accordance with the agency agreement. It does not indicate that the airliner that delivers the tourist to the resort cannot make a technical landing along the route. Therefore, if a tour is canceled because tourists are not satisfied with such an adjustment to the route, the actual expenses incurred by the tour operator are deducted from the refund amount.

The head of Pegas added that she personally flew on Southwind to Egypt with a technical landing in Antalya. The actual time that the plane spent at the Turkish airport was not even 1 hour, as indicated in the schedule, but 45 minutes. The air conditioning on board did not turn off, the conditions in the aircraft cabin were comfortable, and passengers did not experience any particular inconvenience.

We previously wrote that Southwind would challenge the ban on flights to Europe in court. The Turkish airline intends to prove the groundlessness of the accusations of its alleged ties with the Russian Federation.

Source: Tourdom



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