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Tour operators will resume tours to Greece with air travel through third countries

Russian tourists will have more opportunities to visit Greece in the coming summer season, and the geography of places where they can stay on vacation will also expand. True, as in the previous 2 years, you will still have to get there through third countries.

“From June 28, Air Arabia launches direct flights from Sharjah to Athens, and from Moscow to the Greek capital there is a convenient connection (the airbus arrives in the Emirates from Domodedovo at 07:00, 2 hours later departure to Athens. – Ed.). Now we are negotiating about blocks of seats on flights,” Anatoly Garkushin, general director of the Pantheon tour operator, told TourDom.ru. Flying to Athens means more holiday options in mainland Greece, particularly in the popular resort of Loutraki and the Peloponnese.

True, there is an opinion that the Greek capital is not the most convenient end point. “It would be more interesting if Air Arabia flew not to Athens, but to some island, for example, Rhodes or Crete. There would be more mass tourism,” said Dimitris Charitidis, head of the Greek company TEZ TOUR Greece.

However, now the Russian market mainly offers tours to the islands. In particular, from May 27, Pegas Touristik will launch a charter program to Heraklion on Crete from several Russian cities at once: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and others. Southwind Airlines flights will connect in Antalya. Other market participants sell tours on flights through Yerevan, Cairo, Belgrade and some other cities. “It is also possible to fly to Bodrum, and from there we deliver tourists by ferry to Rhodes,” noted Anatoly Garkushin. In turn, TEZ TOUR Greece will expand its program this season through the capital of Armenia.

According to tour operators, prices for holidays in Greece have increased. This is due to increased demand from residents of other countries. “Greece is now experiencing a tourism boom, breaking records every season. Prices for tours have risen by about 10% compared to last year, but this does not stop tourists – residents of the UK, Germany, and Poland are actively booking. Last year there were only 20 thousand tourists from Russia, now the interest is at about the same level – Greece is only for big fans. Although the price is the same as in Turkey, and some hotels are cheaper. But logistics and visas stop many,” said Dimitris Charitidis.

The fact that Russians are not yet noticeably excited about Greece is confirmed by Anatoly Garkushin. However, according to his assessment, prices remained approximately the same as in 2023. For example, a seven-day holiday in a three-star hotel in Loutraki in early June will cost approximately 1,900 euros for two (including breakfast). A five-star hotel for the same dates will cost just under 2,600 euros, but with two meals a day.

Source: Tourdom



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