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Tourist demands million dollars from airline for broken armrest

Delta Airlines was faced with an unusual tourist demand. The passenger is trying sue $1 million from the carrier for falling into an aisle due to a broken armrest. Before a flight from California to Seattle, the man began to buckle himself in and leaned so hard on the armrest that it immediately crunched. The passenger fell to the floor. According to the victim, the fall resulted in two cracked ribs.

Interestingly, the events that the passenger describes did not happen yesterday. He is trying to sue for moral damages for an episode that happened in mid-2022. Why these events did not bother him before, history is silent.

It is known for certain that after the fall he was assisted by a flight attendant and the doctor on duty. The flight was also delayed while a couple of airline workers, specially called on board, tried in vain to fix the armrest. In the end, the man did not fly further – whether of his own free will or the decision of the airline, it is not specified.

The passenger’s behavior resembles an attempt to sue the carrier for money at all costs, having first surrounded himself with a team of lawyers. She, guided by international conventions, sets the maximum possible amounts of claims, based on the Montreal Convention. It applies to international flights, and the tourist’s lawyers believe that this document protects their client, since a connection was planned in Seattle for an onward flight to London.

Meanwhile, the airline’s lawyers are trying to prove that the injury was caused by the passenger’s negligent behavior. If this fails, then at least reduce the size of the payment by an order of magnitude.

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