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Tourists are advised to carefully check their place of birth in their passports.

Cases of confiscation of international passports at airports are multiplying, and tourists have many questions about the document’s compliance with current standards. One of the subtle points is writing the place of birth. This is especially relevant because some citizens were born in the USSR, while others were already in Russia, when some cities received new names. In these cases, different rules for document preparation apply. Episodes when passports were canceled for geographical reasons have not yet been recorded in open sources, but Russian embassies abroad are already saying that passports should be changed due to incorrect indication of place of birth.

The main thing, according to tourism lawyer Olesya Ablezgova, is the correspondence of the data in the international passport with the information from the internal passport. In general civil language there should be a mention of the state, republic, region, region, city. As for foreign ones, according to the administrative regulations, there are two alternative rules. If people were born in Soviet times, that is, before February 6, 1992, then they may have the name of the former union republic, autonomous republic, region, edge where they were born. And in the duplicate part it should be written USSR. For example, Kazakhstan / USSR or Kustanay region / USSR are allowed.

If a citizen was born in Russia, i.e. after February 6, 1992, then his passport indicates the name of the subject of the Federation or the administrative center of the subject with the inscription “Russia” in Latin. “And this – the name of either the subject or the administrative center – lies the problem,” notes Olesya Ablezgova. – The administrative regulations say “either”, but at the same time the data must correspond to the internal passport. Therefore, if a city is indicated in the internal passport, then this city must also be included in the international passport. Or we need to wait for the FSB’s position, which will say that this is not a problem.” In the meantime, according to the lawyer, there is only the point of view of the Sverdlovsk City Internal Affairs Directorate: “If Ekaterinburg is indicated in the internal passport, then indicating the Sverdlovsk region in the foreign passport is a violation.”

If there is no explanation from the FSB and the tourist faces the risk of having his passport confiscated, then lawyers recommend contacting the authority that issued the passport with a request to eliminate the error and eliminate the discrepancy in the data. In this case, you can replace your passport without paying a state fee.

Let us recall that in February the situation was commented on by the border control department of the FSB Border Service. As follows from the text, writing different versions of the renamed names of settlements and regions in the “Place of Birth” column is not considered an error and, accordingly, does not invalidate the passport.

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