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Tourists are left without money and rest, having believed a fake contract

Maria, a subscriber to the tg channel “Roof of TourDom”, contacted us and paid 204 thousand rubles. for a “refusal” tour to Cuba, and believes that she has become a victim of scammers. It turned out that her story is broader than the embezzlement of money; other market participants also suffer.

On February 22, Maria saw a lucrative offer on VKontakte in the Travel House community with 6,000 subscribers: a canceled tour to Cuba for two for 165 thousand rubles. I wrote, she was redirected to WhatsApp to manager Anastasia.

“She answered very clearly and competently. I myself am a former travel agent, no suspicions arose,” says Maria.

The cost of the tour increased as a child was added to two adults. Maria paid. The recipient was the executive director Lev, indicated in the agreement, the account was an individual. Having promised to send tickets, a voucher, and insurance, “travel agent” Anastasia stopped contacting her on February 23. The 11-day trip is scheduled for March 6. In the contract, Maria had data from a Moscow travel agency, and the tour operator was supposedly Pegas Touristik. They said: there is no contract, we do not work with this company.

The agency’s phone number is not answered. Travel House continues to actively sell tours. The editors of TourDom.ru contacted the community, the matter did not come to the point of signing an agreement, but Travel House shared “their” data – name, address, tax identification number, registry number.

They easily revealed a travel agency operating on the St. Petersburg market. And they already called her. “A tourist approached us with a question about whether a canceled tour to Cuba for 120–130 thousand rubles is still relevant. This didn’t happen,” says the company’s executive director, Galina Menzhinskaya. – He found it at the Travel House, asked for the name, address, details – they gave us ours. A girl called who had already transferred money to some Masha’s card, but she didn’t get in touch.”

According to Galina, as soon as such calls appeared, the agency immediately published posted an announcement on their social networks that Travel House were scammers, and sent a complaint to the VKontakte administrator.

At Travel House, after the question and the link to the post, they stopped answering questions and blocked me.

Previously, in August 2023, about scammers warned another St. Petersburg company. She got it for the consonant name.

Director of the Tourist Assistance Association Alexander Osaulenko warned that schemes are now very popular when scammers take a real company and change their phone number and address. The agency has no idea that a third party is working for it. Checking the registry will not yield anything, but if they ask for money on a card and not on a current account, in 999 cases out of 1000 it is a fraud.

The founder of the legal agency Persona Grata, Georgy Mokhov, recalls a case when clients went and sorted it out, and it turned out that one and a half million rubles went to Ukraine.

He also warns travel agencies: if tourists call who allegedly paid for your trips, it’s time to sound the alarm. You need to contact the police, write to social media administrators. In his practice, there have already been cases when tourists went to court. They bought from fake travel agencies, but they are suing real ones. There is an agreement, only the payment details do not match, and it is very difficult to prove that the money was not received.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote how scammers stole 200 million allocated for the Pushkin Card program.

Source: Tourdom



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