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Tourists are unlikely to expect cheaper holidays in Turkey in July-August

On the sidelines of the recently concluded Arabian Travel Market tourism exhibition in Dubai, they also discussed the topic of occupancy of Turkish hotels in the summer season – 2024.

As the head of one of the tour operators and a forum participant told the TourDom.ru portal, representatives of some hotels on the Antalya coast admitted in private conversations that room sales for July and August are still below their expectations. However, this applies to quotas allocated specifically for the Russian market.

According to a representative of the Turkish host company, with whom a TourDom.ru correspondent spoke, for the period of the first half of May, insufficient demand from Russian tourists during the peak and last months of the summer season is quite a common picture. Mostly those who need certain hotels or room categories book their holidays in Turkey in advance. And the majority makes purchases of tours closer to the departure dates; the average depth of sales does not exceed two to three weeks. He explained that due to the activity of European markets, where many prefer to purchase holidays in Turkey in advance, the occupancy rate for July-August is quite high for May – 65–70%. And in a number of popular hotels, some categories of accommodation have already been sold out.

Information about the quite acceptable occupancy of hotels was also confirmed to us by the head of the tour operator OneTouch & Travel, Rashad Mamedov, who lives in Turkey. And the head of the sales and marketing department of the Crystal Hotels chain, Sami Yilmaz, is confident that popular accommodation facilities will still have time to receive the required number of applications in the time remaining before the peak summer season. He notes quite high demand from both the foreign and domestic Turkish markets. In his opinion, hoteliers are unlikely to need to stimulate sales with special offers in the near future. So, most likely, there is no reason yet to expect a reduction in prices for holidays in Turkey for July-August, at least in popular hotels.

Previously, we wrote about cheaper tours to Turkish resorts for the upcoming departure dates, which, however, is traditional for the period after the May holidays.

Source: Tourdom



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