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Tourists ask for toilets to be installed on Pattaya beach

Pattaya continues to improve its beach areas. With the reconstruction of the Beach Road footpath, Central Beach now has its first public shower room for tourists. The Pattaya Mail published a photo yesterday of the city’s mayor inspecting her work.

The project involves the installation of four outdoor showers, which is quite a bit for an almost 4-kilometer beach. At the same time, the city hall is ready to increase their number in the future, as well as to equip similar amenities on Jomtien Beach.

On social networks, tourists constantly complained about the lack of services important for a comfortable stay. In addition to the numerous beach umbrellas and sun loungers already available, in addition to showers, it was also proposed to install toilets and changing rooms, usually available in other countries. Proposals were also made to introduce payment, for example, 20 baht (50 rubles) for using a shower and 10 baht (25 rubles) for using a toilet.

Currently, tourists are forced to use toilets in establishments such as beach bars. For example, in Jomtien, entrepreneurs opened several paid toilets and showers across the road from the sea. And on Dongtan beach there are already two large toilet houses – entrance costs 5 baht (13 rubles).

Previously, “TourDom” talked about the infrastructure on the beaches of Pattaya and entertainment for tourists in an online magazine.

Source: Tourdom



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