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Tourists cannot fly to Istanbul for 24 hours due to problems with the superjet

Since Sunday, about a hundred tourists who have purchased tickets for flight IO 5763 of IrAero airlines have been waiting to fly to Istanbul from Sochi. Judging by the schedule on the airport’s online board, it was supposed to be sent yesterday at 16:00. By that time, one of the carrier’s superjets had arrived here on a return flight from Turkey. However, it was not possible to fly on schedule.

How claim passengers, in the evening the time on the display was changed several times, and at night they were informed about a technical malfunction of the plane and asked to wait for a replacement. Another plane arrived at the airport, but, according to them, it also turned out to be faulty. “Registration was completed at 6 am. People stood near the gate, a bus arrived, but boarding was not announced. Each time a new time appeared on the scoreboard,” one of the tourists shared the details.

At first the display showed 08:30. Then 10:30. As a result, at the moment the plane is promised to depart only at 16:00. This incident expectedly led to widespread delays on this route. Since midnight, IrAero passengers have been waiting for departure from Istanbul. You will have to spend at least the same amount of time there. The evening flight from Turkey has been shifted by 5.5 hours. In addition, IrAero is not yet able to send flight IO 1825 from Sochi to Antalya. It is now delayed by almost 9 hours.

The airline on its resources brought apologized to passengers for any inconvenience caused, confirming that a reserve aircraft had been deployed to rectify the situation. The carrier says passengers on delayed flights will be provided with drinks and meals in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations. In addition to this route, the airline also has delays on the route to Baku.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that tourists who did not fly to Egypt are threatening to move the benches at the airport for the night.

Source: Tourdom



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