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Tourists check their passports with errors for suitability at the border with Abkhazia

Tourists continue to find errors in the machine-readable code in their passports. We are talking about the incorrect spelling of the numbers “1” and “7”, which is why people were no longer allowed to go abroad. Fortunately, some of them manage to quickly change documents, even despite the long February weekend: “My clients in Moscow did not wait for the end of the holiday weekend – they went to the Ministry of Internal Affairs right today. Applications were accepted. They said that in 3 days there would be new documents,” one of the travel agents told a TourDom.ru journalist.

For other tourists, the time before the trip does not allow them to replace their IDs, and then the data in the booking. They decided on another experiment: “Today we walked on foot across the border with Abkhazia. There and straight back. The border guards didn’t ask any questions, so we’ll fly as we are,” write subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom”.

Sometimes tourists who want to change their document are faced with the fact that some employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are completely unaware of the correct or incorrect spelling of ones and sevens. “I found errors in my machine-readable code, but in Ivanovo they refused to replace me! They said: “Well, they let you through with such a passport.” I demand a written refusal so that I have something to show at the border and in court.”

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that the border service recommended contacting the Ministry of Internal Affairs in case of doubt about the validity of the international passport.

Source: Tourdom



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