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Tourists fear that airlines will stop selling round trips after stricter rules

State Duma deputy Sergei Leonov and social activists ask the Ministry of Transport to prohibit airlines from canceling tourists’ return tickets if they are late for the first flight of a round trip. A written appeal addressed to Minister Vitaly Savelyev has already sent to the department.

The changes are proposed to be introduced for the convenience of passengers. Many of them are not aware of the need to warn the carrier about their intentions to take a return flight after they, for one reason or another, did not fly on the first segment of a single booking. As a result, people buy only one new “there” ticket, and when they arrive for the return flight, they find out that they cannot get on the plane.

And some airlines also give too little time for the client to exercise his right. Most often, carriers require this to be done before the end of registration for the first segment. If a person at this moment is rushing to the airport at full speed, then doing this is unrealistic. However, no specific period is specified in the federal aviation regulations. It only states the need to inform the carrier.

“And my return flight was burned out of ignorance. Good offer. I sincerely don’t understand why I can’t use the second leg of the flight that I paid for. The airline is not incurring any losses,” Telegram channel subscribers discuss the initiative. “Roof of the TourDom”. “Most often, calling the hotline helps. I even had troubles a couple of times when I didn’t meet the deadline,” people share their experiences.

Some tourists fear that the fight for passengers’ rights could backfire. For example, if the ministry introduces a new rule that will be unprofitable for carriers, airlines may simply stop selling round trips, which are more profitable for the client: “If all tickets are one way, then I will have to pay almost 2 times for my favorite route expensive. Thanks to the deputies.”

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that airports ask the Ministry of Transport not to prohibit entry into terminals without tickets due to inconvenience for tourists.

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